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The film uses the following filming: the face of Jesus Christ on the Shroud of Turin, an interview with Abbot Tikhon (synchronously), the building of a newsreel studio, an interview with the great-granddaughter of Father John - rector of the Resurrection Church in Sokolniki in Moscow (synchronously), views of the city of Zlatoust, performance of the people's artist USSR M.D. Mikhailova (synchronously), the audience is walking in the park, along the river embankment, sitting in the cinema, at a football match, dancing. Priest Dmitry Dudko is walking across the bridge, sitting on the river bank. Seminarians in the classroom, icon painting workshop. General view of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. Patriarch of All Russia Alexy I in the office. General view of the Pochaev Lavra. Interview with priest D. Dudko (synchronously). The film includes newsreel footage, including: the coronation of Nicholas II (1896), L. Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana, fragments of the film "Father Sergius", the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino, participants in the Sevastopol defense (Crimean War), chronicle of the First World War wars, tsarist chronicle, Bishop Tikhon (future Patriarch) at the consecration of a railway bridge in Yaroslavl, congress of the living church on 08.08.1925, the Amur Zemsky Cathedral in 1922, May 9, 1917 on Red Square (Nikolin's day), destruction of churches in the 20s, academician I. Pavlov in the garden, chronicle of the Great Patriotic War, a meeting of the Local Council, a youth festival in Moscow in 1957.
T. Karpova
Film ID
, international youth movement
, cultural connections
, christianity
, theatre
, music
, cities
, railway transport
, peoples life
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V. Gorbatsky
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