Visit of British Ships to Sevastopol

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A film chronicle about the visit of British ships to the city of Sevastopol with a friendly visit. The city of Sevastopol. The landing helicopter dock "FEARLESS" of the British Navy is at the pier in the port of Sevastopol. The national flag of Great Britain flies on the mast of a ship. State flags of the USSR and Great Britain on the masts. The building of the sea station. Local residents are at the pier. Anti-aircraft gun on the deck of an English ship. A woman sailor of the British Navy at the dock talks to local residents. Preschool children on the dock waving their hands. Members of the crew of the ship "FEARLESS" on deck. People climb the ladder to the English ship. The sailors of the Black Sea Fleet descend the ladder. Visitors visiting the ship. The sailors of the Black Sea Fleet are holding back the crowd of people on the dock. A British Navy sailor on deck talking to young men. Helicopters are on the deck of the ship. Great Britain naval flag on the mast. British sailors and girls pose for the camera. Sailors of the Black Sea Fleet, schoolchildren on the ship. A preschool girl in a helicopter cockpit, an English pilot is standing nearby. A woman sailor on the ship talks to visitors, is photographed in a group of young people. A crowd of people on the dock near the English ship. An English sailor signs the drawing of the ship.
Heifetz S.A.
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, international connections
, navy
, sea transport
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