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Cruisers "Thoughtful", "Intelligent" in the Pacific Ocean. Commander of the Pacific Fleet Vice Admiral V.A.Chekurov on the deck of the cruiser. The engine room of the cruiser. Soviet ships in the China Sea, on the Huanku River. Deputy Commander of the East China Sea Fleet Rear Admiral Pyn Te-ching on a Soviet ship. Soviet and Chinese sailors on the deck of a Soviet ship. Salute to the nation. Shanghai city. Street, Bund Bund, buildings. Meeting of Soviet sailors in the port. Speakers: Chairman of the People's Committee of Shanghai Xu Jian-kuo, Vice-Admiral Gao Yong, V. A. Chekurov. The Chinese people are greeting the sailors. V. A. Chekurov's visit to the commander of the naval forces of the People's Republic of China, Admiral Xiao Jing-Guang. The rally in the square. Speakers: Secretary of the Shanghai Committee of the Communist Party of the PRC Ke Ching-shi, VA Chekurov. Rear Admiral Petrov passes the banner from the workers of Vladivostok to the workers of Shanghai. Soviet sailors on a Chinese ship. The orchestra of Chinese sailors is performing. Industrial Exhibition. Sailors visiting the exhibits. Steam turbine plant. Soviet sailors visiting the plant. Festivities in the park. Girls perform a folk dance with a dragon, Russian folk dance "Birch". A friendly match between the football teams of the Pacific Fleet and the People's Liberation Army at the stadium. Soviet sailors in the theater. Scenes from the opera. Seeing off Soviet sailors. Hangzhou city. Rice fields. Meeting of Soviet sailors at the station. Soviet sailors visiting the ancient monastery. Landscapes of the Pacific Ocean, Lake Sihu, mountains.
M. Silenko
Film ID
, nature
, exhibitions
, international connections
, sports
, festivities
, theatre
, navy
, china
, artistic activities
, cities
, plant growing
, art
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M. Silenko
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