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The film tells about the disastrous state of nature in the recreation areas of tourists in the Elbrus region. Filmed by order of the All-Russian Society for the Conservation of Nature. Snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus Mountains. Sightseeing buses pass along the mountain road, enter the observation deck. Photographers are photographing a group of tourists against the background of Elbrus (synchronously). The guide in verse form tells tourists about local attractions (synchronously). A group of tourists stands near the tour bus. Vacationers prepare barbecue on the shore of the reservoir. Drivers wash their cars in the river. Buses, tourists tents on the river bank. Vacationers sunbathe. The truck drives into the river. The excavator is in the river. Men lead a sheep along the river bank. The blood of a slain sheep flows into the water. Vacationers leave bottles on the beach. Packages, paper, bottles on the shore. Plastic bags "fly" along the shore. Rubbish near the tent. A group of drunken young people. The accordion player is playing. Drunk vacationers are dancing. Tin cans, bottles, broken trees in the highlands. Inscriptions on stones in the mountains: “Obozov N.A. 1978 VII-1,3 "; "Bodrov, Leonov, Parfyonov 155 rubles." other. A man pours garbage on a mountain slope. There is a huge inscription on the mountain: “Gelkin. Bykov A.V. 1968. Kritinushka ". Tourists put on their backpacks. Broken chairs, boards, boxes and other debris in the parking lot. A pile of rubbish on the site is burning. Seagulls on the shore. A seagull eats a watermelon rind lying on the shore. Leaves fall on bottles, cans and other debris on the site and near the building of the camp site. Leaves fall on trash in the mountains. Skiers are skiing from the mountain. Cable car in the mountains. The photographer takes pictures of the girl on the cable car. Photographers take pictures of tourists in the mountains. Tourists sunbathe in the mountains. Tourists-skiers stand near the buses. Tourists stand near a hemp with bottles on it. Men drink from bottles and leave the bottle on the site. Tourists are standing near the stall “Gramplatinki. Sound Recording ". Crowds of tourists in the mountains. A man throws out trash near a trailer in a mountainous area. Drunken tourists lie near the Ordzhonikidze sightseeing bus. A young man sculpts a snowman. Tourists are tug-of-war, wallowing in the snow. The bottles lie in the snow. Drunken tourists climb the mountain. A tourist in a mask sunbathes in the mountains. Snowing. Strong wind blows. Frozen tourists run into the bus. Snowing. Banks, rubbish are covered with snow. They ate at the foot of the mountain. View of Elbrus.
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protection of nature and the environment
, urban transport
, specialized trade
, automobile transport
, relaxation
, natural disasters
, tourism
, animal world
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, ecological disasters
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