Voices and Destinies

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The film tells about the fate of people whose voices were recorded on tape during the Great Patriotic War on the Leningrad radio by journalist L. Magrachev. Old recordings sound in the film. The city of Leningrad. Radio studio room. The coils of the tape recorder are spinning. Monument to Motherland at the Piskarevskoye Memorial Cemetery. Eternal flame. The woman puts flowers at the monument. Types of streets, squares, avenues, embankments. Cars and trams are going by. People are coming. People's faces. Monument-obelisk on Sadovaya Street in honor of the militia soldiers. Professor KF Ogorodnikov, a former rebel, is walking along the embankment. Students' faces. View of the school where a shell hit during the war and the children died. The students enter the school. The faces of the elderly and young women. EI Sadovaya, a former air defense fighter, is walking along the street. When she was on duty during an artillery raid, her child was killed and another was wounded. The newlyweds get into the car. Young people are standing with flowers. A small child approaches the pigeons. Nevsky prospect in lights. Shop windows. A restaurant. People are passing by. Philharmonic auditorium. Scene. Conductor's stand. Notes. The 7th symphony of D. D. Shostakovich sounds. View of the Neva River from the embankment.
L. Isaacson
Film ID
the second world war
, urban transport
, school education
, funeral
, architecture
, higher education
, public catering
, state trade
, museums
, broadcasting
, residential houses
, administrative buildings
, music
Number of Parts
E. Шинкаренко
Other Creators
Text by L. Magrachev, E. Taluntis, sound by E. Belyaev, music by R. Kotlyarevsky, S. Tombak
Release Date
Has Sound

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