Volga Lights 4

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1st plot. Astrakhan Kremlin. Volga embankment. The audience at the tables of the street cafe. Tajik gypsies on the streets of the city. A gypsy woman begs on the road. Transport police officers inspect the luggage of passengers arriving by train from Dushanbe. A survey of Tajik Roma at the station about the purpose of their arrival (sinhr.). The audience in the station building. Elderly Tajiks drink tea from bowls. A group of Tajik gypsies at the railroad tracks. A policeman approaches the gypsies. A crowd of passengers. The policeman says that the trains from Dushanbe have become the most troublesome for the leadership of the Privolzhsky District Department of Internal Affairs (sinhr.). 2nd plot. Honorary Citizen of Astrakhan, Honored Handball Coach of the USSR V. Gladchenko is awarded a memento. Photos of the Astrakhan Dynamo handball team coached by V. Gladchenko. Photos of athletes, certificates in the office. Newsreel footage of the game teams Lukoil-Dynamo and Barcelona from Spain in the final of the Eurocup. Pupils V. Gladchenko A. Pchelikov and V. Khlestunov train handball players in the hall. V. Gladchenko says (sinhr.) About the team of handball players and coaching (sinhr.). Training of young handball players. Director of the club "Lukoil-Dynamo" V. Chernov, vice-governors of Astrakhan V. Zhilkin talk about their support for the development of handball in Astrakhan (sinhr.). Olympic champion A. Tyumentsev at the airport.
Film ID
railroad transport
, handball
, public catering
, population
, militia
, cities
Number of Parts
L. Denisov
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There is no data
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Has Sound

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