Volga Region Number 24

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Penza city, streets, urban transport. Palace of Culture, Rodina cinema. Construction of new residential buildings. Assembling cars in the workshop of the Gorky Automobile Plant. Automated chrome plating process. The city of Gorky. Exhibits of the exhibition of the achievements of the river fleet, opened on a motor ship standing on the pier. Mowing winter rye for hay on the Kuibyshev collective farm in the Chkalovsky district of the Orenburg region. Sowing corn on stubble. Kazan city. Meeting at the railway station Hero of Socialist Labor S. Khamidulin, who returned from Moscow from the All-Union Meeting of the leaders of socialist competition. Speech by S. Khamidulin at a meeting of youth of the Leninsky district. Mari ASSR. Rally to mark the opening of the monument to the writer OA Shabdar. Speakers: Minister of Culture of the Republic of Kazakova, writer S. N. Nikolav, Honored Teacher of the Republic V. P. Mamaev and others. Production of medical products for animals at the Penza Plant of Medical Products. Packaging of finished products. Preparation of feed for chickens with the addition of medicines in one of the state farms of the Penza region. The car is a "bookstore" of consumer cooperatives that has arrived in one of the Chuvash villages. Chauffeur and seller S.M. Matveeva transfers books for book sales. ... ... ... ... ... Sale of books at the school, on the farm of the collective farm "Russia". Kazan city. All-Union competitions in rowing and canoeing. Winner's reward ceremony.
S. Kuzmina
Film ID
specialized trade
, automobile transport
, collective farms
, social movement
, railway transport
, sports
, literature
, medical industry
, river fleet
, cult education
, automotive industry
, utilities
, poultry
Number of Parts
I. Gorodetsky, A. Tkachenko, K. Urbanovich, L. Baryshev, P. Ozhegov, G. Amirov
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