Volga Region Number 41

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The city of Kuibyshev. Collection of leaders in agriculture of the Kuibyshev region. Chairman of the Kuibyshev Regional Executive Committee Konnov is speaking. Solemn meeting of agricultural workers of the Ulyanovsk region. First Secretary of the Ulyanovsk Regional Committee of the CPSU Skochilov speaking. Director of the state farm named after Maslennikov of the Kuibyshev region EF Safonov talks with workers of the state farm, inspects the construction of livestock farms. Professor of the Kuibyshev Aviation Institute A.P. Merkulov in the laboratory conducting research on the vortex effect. Vortex tube designed by A.P. Merkulov. Vortex carburetor for cars. Author's certificates A.P. Merkulov. Production processes in workshop No. 9 of the Kuibyshev Jig Boring Machine Plant. Ryazan city. Opening of a memorial stele on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the formation in 1943 of the First Polish Division named after Tadeusz Kosciuszko. There is a group of Polish officers led by General S. Okiencki. Visit to the Museum of the Polish Army at school No. 44 in Ryazan. The city of Gorky. Printing of central newspapers received from Moscow with the help of a phototelegraph. Building, interior of the Kuibyshev Actor's House. Visitors to the House of the Actor.
N. Kotov
Film ID
communist parties
, physics
, state agricultural enterprises
, cultural connections
, local government authorities
, poland
, club type institutions
, printing industry
, agriculture
, communication
, machine tool industry
Number of Parts
V. Kosachevsky, I. Saransky, B. Volkov, Yu. Tuntuev, A. Mochalov
Other Creators
Sound V. Shubin
Release Date
Has Sound

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