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Southwestern Front, February 14-16, 1943. Units of the 3rd Guards Army under the command of General D. Lelyushenko and the 5th Tank Division under the command of General I. Shlemin took part in the liberation of Voroshilovgrad (now Lugansk). On February 14, the city was liberated. The commander of the 18th Rifle Corps, Major General Mikhail Ivanovich Zaporozhchenko (center), the commander of the 59th Guards Division, Colonel Georgy Petrovich Karamyshev, the battalion commander, Major Popov, are standing with a map by the haystack, discussing the plan of an offensive operation. Major Popov reports to Major General M. Zaporozhchenko on the course of the battle. Soldiers are planting the Red Flag after the liberation of the city. The commanders of the Red Army and the Red Army are talking with the population on one of the streets of Voroshilovgrad. Meeting of workers of the Voroshilovgrad steam locomotive plant named after October revolution. Speech at the rally of the representative of the plant and the 1st secretary of the Voroshilovgrad regional committee of the CPSU (b) Anatoly Ivanovich Gayevy. The house where K.E. Voroshilov lived in 1905. The hostess of the house - Daria Fedorovna Burlachenko - stands with a group of Komsomol members at the house, nailing a memorial plaque torn down by the Nazis to the wall. Railway station in Voroshilovgrad. A group of military and specialists are examining the condition of the broken railway track; repair of the canvas. Destroyed railway bridge across the river. The movement of a railway train, which is driving a steam locomotive over a partially restored bridge. Destroyed buildings, hangars at the airfield in the vicinity of the city. A group of military men talk to the pilot.
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the great patriotic war
, railway transport
, cities
117,9 (общ. 231,1 )
M. Kapkin
Other Creators
Operator assistant I. Komarov
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No Sound

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