Waiting for Paradise

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The residents themselves call the city of Pechora the city of the saints and the blind. Here is one of the oldest monasteries - the Holy Dormition Pskov-Pechersky Monastery and one of the branches of the All-Russian Society of the Blind. Father Nikanor conducts a tour of the monastery for the blind, from which viewers will learn both the history of the monastery and the attitude of the blind to the life of monks and religion. First part. Spouses Skurikhin (members of the All-Russian Society of the Blind) sing a song on stage, listeners in the hall. View of Pechora in the morning. The blind go to work, a monk is walking by. Monastery walls, souvenirs kiosk. Beggars stand at the Holy Gates. There is a monk, pouring food for the pigeons. Spouses Skurikhin go to work with a guide dog. The workshop of the enterprise where the blind work, work on the manufacture of brushes. The procession goes along the road through the field. Father Nikanor comes out of the gates of the monastery, meets the blind, leads them on an excursion. Panorama of the frescoes on the walls of the monastery. Views of the courtyard of the monastery. Monks descend the stairs, in the background - St. Michael's Cathedral. Belfry, church domes, clocks. The second part of. Father Nikanor leads the blind to the caves, distributes candles. Lighted candles in the cave. Panorama of the frescoes. Coffins in a cave. Mother walks through the caves, lights a lamp. Mother is showing slides in her cell. Father Nikanor walks through the cave, blessing the pilgrims. Blind people at work in a brush factory. Evening service in the monastery, the exit of the monks with crosses from the monastery. Parishioners leave the monastery with candles. The monk sells candles. The monk sweeps the paths in the monastery. Cows in the monastery cowshed. The monk rings the bell. A woman sweeps the street in the city center, a car is passing by. The third part. Father Nikanor in the monastery tells the blind about the desert dwellers. The blind man rocks the bell, smiles. Skurikhin swing the bell. Men and children behind the wall of the monastery roll Easter eggs down the hill. Mother walks by the walls of the monastery, is baptized. Spouses Skurikhin with a guide dog go to work. Candles are burning in the cave. The woman is cleaning the temple. The monk brings flowers to the temple. The monk is sailing on a boat, the banks overgrown with sedge. Blind at work in the enterprise. Checkpoint of the enterprise. Night religious procession. Holy Gates. Father Nikanor with the blind walks through the territory of the monastery. Monastic orchard. Panorama of the monastery (filmed from a flying helicopter).
S. Bychenko
Film ID
, landscapes
, artistic activities
, other public organizations
, cities
, trade
, monumentshistoryculture
, light industry
, bytgorodskogo population
Number of Parts
A. Dolgin, V. Mironov
Other Creators
Scriptwriter M. Saprykina
Release Date
Has Sound

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