Waiting for the May Beetles or the Waltz of the Enthusiasts

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Film-portrait of teachers - enthusiasts: M. Sukharenko and Z. Bobrova. The heroines fully give their gift to the students. The first part. Tataria, Kazan. Children run out into the clearing out of the fog. River view. Seaweed. The girl puts a wreath of flowers on her head. Bee on a flower. Ducks in the water. Speech by the female choir on the stage of the concert hall (synchronously). Honored teacher of the Republic of Tatarstan, teacher of a special music school for gifted children M.V. Sukharenko conducts piano lessons with his students (synchronously). The teacher of the fine arts of the pedagogical school ZA Bobrova is engaged in drawing at home with her granddaughter (synchronously). E.A. Bobrova at the school leads a lesson in the classroom. Samples of products made by students: eggshell toys, nesting dolls in the national Tatar costume, painted wooden dishes. Eggshell toys on the Christmas tree. E.A. Bobrova at work on a typewriter at home. Books on arts and crafts on the shelf. E.A. Bobrova shows products of folk crafts. Cover of the book "Modeling" by E.A. Bobrova. Photo portraits of E.A. Bobrova in her youth. E.A. Bobrova with students (photo). The second part of. Fragments from the feature film "Rural Teacher" (directed by M. Donskoy, 1947, sync.); starring actors M.P. Maretskaya (Varvara Vasilievna) and D.L. Sagal (Martynov). Tataria, Kazan. Graduates of a pedagogical school, a teacher talk about the profession of a teacher (synchronously). A photographer takes pictures of a group of college graduates. Music school building. MV Sukharenko in the class conducts piano lessons (synchronously). Music school students go down the stairs. Fragments of performances by young pianists at a concert of the class of MV Sukharenko (synchronously). The audience is applauding. M.V.Sukharenko behind the scenes. MV Sukharenko with his students on stage accepts congratulations. Choir performance on the stage of the concert hall.
N. Nazipova
Film ID
new year
, cinematography
, holidays
, school education
, animal world
, professional education (secondary)
, music
, bytgorodskogo population
Number of Parts
F. Galiev, E. Zolondinov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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