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The film tells about a dog named Greif in a playful way. Wandering around the world, the dog for some time nailed to the deaf-mute girl Alka and even protected her from hooligans, but the thirst for wandering again called him on the road. The ilm includes the following filming: 1 part. Electric train movement on the bridge over the canal. Passengers in an electric train carriage. The dog, together with the passengers, goes out on the platform. Greif the dog follows the horse harnessed to the cart. The driver swears at the driver of the Volga, who poured mud on the wagon. The passenger gets out of the car and a passing wagon throws mud at him. View of a shopping center in one of the cities near Moscow. Vendors sell vegetables, stray dogs are running around. Greif goes to the barbecues on which barbecue is prepared. The kebab man drives the dog away. Boarding passengers on the bus at the bus stop. The dog walks past a group of deaf and dumb. The deaf-mute girl Alka enters the store, goes out with groceries. Greif walks up to Alka and walks with her. Part 2. Alka at home talking with his father (sinhr.). Father and daughter are fighting over the dog. The father drives the dog away. Graf on the station platform. The electric train stops. Greif runs down the country road, runs up to the store, sits down at the door. Alka comes out of the store door, exchanges greetings with an acquaintance, accidentally pushes the loader out of the store. A fight between the loader and Alcoy ensues. Greif stands up for Alcoa, the loader breaks the dog's head Veterinarians perform surgery on the dog. The graf is in Alca's house. The father who came home from work tries to drive the dog away again. Alka is crying. Part 3. A graf in bandages lies on the floor, in front of him is a bowl of bone. Greif comes up with the bone to the alkin's father, who is sleeping on the couch, puts the bone for him. The awakened father, seeing a bone next to him, laughs and leaves the dog in his house. Alka plays with the dog in the yard. Alka's friend brings her a dog leash. A carriage is passing along the street. Children run after a horse, play with a dog. Seeing off to the army at the station. Alka says goodbye to Greif. Greif jumps into the train carriage. The train is leaving the platform.
A. Zakharenkov
Film ID
urban transport
, veterinary service
, everyday life
, cartage
, cities
, railway transport
, trade
Number of Parts
L. Fomichev
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There is no data
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Has Sound

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