War Day

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June 13, 1942 1-4 hours Balloons over Moscow. Moscow streets, buildings, monuments. Red Army skiers in the Arctic. Types of Sevastopol. The Red Navy men attack. Soldiers of the Western Front on vacation. The pianist speaks to the pilots of the N unit. Plane with food for besieged Leningrad. Destroyed buildings, children killed in the bombing. Submarines of the Baltic Fleet. Air battle with the Messerschmidt-110 aircraft. Partisan actions in the Oryol region. Soviet tankers in battle. Miners are mining coal and ore in various regions of the USSR. Oil workers in Baku. Steelworkers in factories. Stakhanovites in the shops of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. 5-8h New Soviet military aircraft are being tested. VM Molotov after a trip to Washington. MI Kalinin signs a telegram to King George VI of England. A. A. Badaev awards the Heroes of the Soviet Union. Soviet people read letters from the front. Cleaning of bread in Central Asia. Selective collection of tea leaves in Abkhazia. Fishermen fishing in the Pacific Ocean. Young men are preparing for military service. Seeing boys and girls to the front in different regions of the USSR. Soldiers of different types of troops of the Red Army are on the offensive. Singer L. Aleksandrovskaya performs in the N section.
M. Slutsky
Film ID
the great patriotic war
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
script A. Kapler, composer D. Pokrass, sound V. Nesterov, G. Fomin, announcer Y. Levitan
Release Date
Has Sound

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