We All Came Out of the People

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A film about the differences in the living conditions of nomenklatura workers and ordinary citizens of Lithuania. Lithuania. G. Vilnius. Buildings on the streets of the city. Participants of the rally in Lukiskiu Square. Church of Saints James and Philip. Newborn babies in cots at the hospital. A young mother holds the baby in her arms, breastfeeds him. Young fathers meet wives with newborns from the maternity hospital. Mother, father and daughter are walking down the street with a stroller. The second polyclinic of the Republican Vilnius Clinical Hospital - a building, cars in the parking lot, patients of the clinic in the corridors, wards, walking in the garden, doctors are talking (sync.) About the patients of the clinic. City Children's Hospital - children in wards, corridors of the hospital, a female employee of the hospital speaks (sync.) About the emergency state of the hospital, about the differences between special hospitals and ordinary clinics. Children-patients of the special hospital in the ward are playing with toys. City hospital patients in wards and corridors. Medical students in the office, in the hallway during classes. Customers in the store, at the checkout, trays with leftover meat, fish on the shelves, packaging with goods on store shelves.
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, medical services for the population
, social and political movement
, higher education
, grocery stores
, cities
, bytgorodskogo population
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