We Are 130 Million

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A film about the XVII Congress of Trade Unions of the USSR. Steelmaker at the oven. The weaver is working. A miner in a mine is chopping coal. Newsreel: a worker is extracting oil. Meeting in the Column Hall of the House of Unions. V. I. Lenin on the podium. Delegates to the 17th Congress of Trade Unions of the USSR in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. Chairperson of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions SA Shalaev, Leonid Brezhnev are speaking. Brezhnev talks with the workers of the Likhachev plant. Newsreel: people welcomed A. Stakhanov. Workshop of the Atommash plant. Deputy Minister of Power Engineering Pershin is speaking. Plant construction. Voters vote. Metal is pouring. In the shop of the plant, workers are folding wooden plates. SA Shalaev talks with delegates to the Congress. Speakers: Petrov, Prokofiev, Eremeev, Galiullin, Polishchuk, M. Ulyanov, Sologub, Golubeva, Agafonov, Makhmudova, Burenkov, I. Zakaria and others. Pioneers welcome the convention. The delegates to the congress are performing the Internationale. N. Zlobin at a construction site. The collective farm board, M. Ulyanov talks with the chairman. Agafonov's crew at the drilling rig. The city of Surgut. Shift camp. Rail laying. Balayan walks through the workshop of the Masis shoe association. Treatment room. Ene Ovezova at the television studio. Foreigners are speaking at the rally. US dispatchers' strike.
A. Pavlov
Film ID
communist parties
, mining industry
, metallurgy
, energy
, collective farms
, footwear industry
, building
, textile industry
, percussion
, oil industry
, childrens organizations
, automotive industry
, unions
, electoral system
Number of Parts
V. Baikov, V. Gorbatsky, Yu. Ivlev, N. Grigoriev, G. Epifanov, A. Istomin, S. Kuzminsky, L. Maksimov, G. Myakishev, V. Khodyakov
Other Creators
G. Dukhovskaya, V. Georgievskaya, V. Dorfman, Yu. Ogazhdanov, A. Elanchuk, E. Kokoreva
Release Date
Has Sound

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