We Are Blacksmiths

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The film is dedicated to the socialist competition of the collectives of the blacksmith buildings of the Minsk and Volgograd tractor plants. An article in a newspaper with a portrait of the head of the blacksmith building of the Volgograd Tractor Plant V. I. Skvortsov entitled "The Chief Blacksmith". Trade union foreman AV Avdyukhov examines photographs of the plant of past years. The building of the Minsk Tractor Plant. Met with flowers and posters on the platform of the station. Among the greeters the head of the blacksmith building M. E. Gavrilov. Travel of guests along Victory Square. Obelisk. Memorial Complex. Chronicle: one of the streets of post-war Minsk. Construction. Builders of Volgograd hand over bricks of the famous "Pavlov's House" to the builders of Minsk. Laying bricks into the wall of a house on Victory Square. The administrative building of the Minsk Tractor Plant. Guests at a meeting of the party bureau of the blacksmith shop. M. E. Gavrilov is speaking. Forging shop in Volgograd. A blacksmith is working. Hammer. Scoreboard. Meeting of the party bureau of the plant. Says V. I. Skvortsov (synchronously). M.K. Arnatov at the hammer. Engineers in a design office. M. E. Gavrilov and I. G. Tuzin at the drawing board, in the tool shop. Making a stamp in a tool shop. Meeting of the heads of the blacksmith buildings V. I. Skvortsov and M. E. Gavrilov at home: conversation at the table, looking at photographs. Competition results stand. Guests and owners in the shop of the plant, talking with the blacksmith. Installing the motor on the tractor, new tractors on the conveyor. The blacksmith closes the matchbox with a hammer. Meeting of factory workers. Presidium. M. E. Gavrilov speaking. Signing a contract, handing over memorable souvenirs. MK Arnatov makes a dedication in the book "We are blacksmiths".
I. Veinerovich
Film ID
agricultural engineering
, railway transport
, socialist competition
Number of Parts
B. Morozov
Other Creators
Screenplay V. Shustikov
Release Date
Has Sound

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