We Are Looking for Treasures of the Earth

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The film tells about a massive geological campaign organized at the initiative of the Irkutsk Geological Administration. Irkutsk region. The head of the Irkutsk Geological Department, Igor Konstantinovich Mineev, is holding a thematic evening for young people and adolescents who are going to participate in a massive geological campaign in order to discover mineral deposits; shows minerals, explaining their importance for the country's industry (behind the scenes, sync.). A group of Komsomol geologists with a leader on a campaign. Girlfriend Lyudmila Bobrova discovered pink calcite (marble). Alexander Trushenkov found a crystal of apatite in the river. Valery Baydeikin washes concentrate in the river. Halt for young geologists. Claudia Andryukhina writes down her impressions of the campaign in her diary. Young people swim in Lake Baikal. A passenger train arrives at the Utulik railway station. Employees of the Slyudyansky Mining Administration German Kobelev, Vladimir Rodionov, Nikolai Kireev, who arrived on their vacation to explore the upper reaches of the Utulik River, leave the train carriage. Kirenga river. In the background - a view of the city of Kirensk. Geologist, Chairman of the Kirenskaya District Planning Commission, member of the Geographical Society Stanislav Frantsevich Shabunevich with his daughter Elena and geologist Anatoly Vasilyevich Butenko set off on a geological campaign to discover a primary manganese deposit. The instructor of the Kargatsky district committee of the Komsomol Lyubov Yusokha and the railway engineer Yuri Kabanov are looking for minerals near the village of Spolokh. Geologist Yulia Kazimirovna Dzinkas, hunters Oleg and Igor Ilyin, tenth grader, local historian Yuri Vyborov in the taiga, at the place where iron, limestone, and manganese were found. Meeting of organizers and participants of the massive geological campaign. The head of the Mamsko-Chuysk geological exploration expedition of the Irkutsk Geological Department, Mikhail Karpovich Grozin, talks about the results (sinhr., Off-screen).
A. Rozin
Film ID
, geology
Number of Parts
M. Diaghterev
Other Creators
screenwriter A. Rosin, sound operators Боронин, С. Stepanov, speakers R. Выгодский, Л. Kolpakova
Release Date
Has Sound

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