We Are Neighbours

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Moscow city. Vnukovo airfield. Arrival in the USSR, Prime Minister of the Royal Government of Afghanistan M. Yusuf. Among the greeters: A. Kosygin, D. Polyansky, Novikov. Kremlin. Members of the Afghan delegation: M. Yusuf, A. Yaftali, R. Farhadi, Ambassador M. Aref during a conversation with A. N. Kosygin, A. A. Gromyko is present. A. I. Mikoyan's visit. The conversation was attended by: members of the Afghan delegation, MP Georgadze, AA Gromyko, USSR Ambassador to Afghanistan Antonov. M. Yusuf and his entourage visited the Lenin Mausoleum, the First Moscow Watch Factory, the Kurchatov Joint Institute of Atomic Energy, Moscow State University; participated in the solemn meeting dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the birth of V. I. Lenin, L. I. Brezhnev spoke at the meeting. The delegation in Kiev, gets acquainted with the city; during a visit to the Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of Ukraine S. A. Kovpak. Return of the delegation to Moscow, visit and negotiations with AN Kosygin, the text of the Soviet-Afghan communique. Landscapes of Afghanistan. King of Afghanistan Mohammad Zahir Shah opens the Jalalabad Canal, built with the help of the USSR. Return of the delegation to Afghanistan. Visiting the cities of Tashkent and Samarkand on the way to Afghanistan. Inspection of historical and architectural monuments.
B. Weiland
Film ID
, industry
, physics
, economic communications
, higher education
, political connections
, air transport
Number of Parts
E. Fedyaev, N. Pankin
Other Creators
Sound by D. Ovsyannikov, text by G. Balashov
Release Date
Has Sound

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