We Are Tire Workers Report From the Kirov Tire Plant

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The film tells about the work of the Kirov tire plant. Kirov. Employees of the Kirov Tire Plant are walking through the territory of the plant. Among the passing people, the winner of the All-Union competition of tire workers in 1943, Margarita Aleksandrovna Grishova, the working dynasty of the Ukhanovs. Employees of the tire plant pass through the turnstile at the entrance, among them the winners of the 1971 All-Union competition of tire workers, tire collectors Gennady Rybakov and Vladimir Finikov, vulcanizer, Hero of Socialist Labor Lyudmila Fedorovna Shakhova. Honor board at the building of the tire factory. Former calender driver, plant manager Vasily Ivanovich Komissarov and deputy chief engineer, winner of the Lenin Prize for the development and implementation of new tires Nikolai Stepanovich Goloshumov pass through the plant. The workshop of the plant with equipment, workers at the machine tools, transport materials in a car. Room for remote control of production: a dispatcher at the switchboard, video devices for monitoring. At the machines at work: tire collector Arkady Semenovich Zemtsov, young workers Nikolai Kasatkin, Valentin Prikazchikov, worker Arkady Trapeznikov, deputy of the City Council, worker Anatoly Markov, delegate to the 15th Congress of Trade Unions, tire collector Alexei Lyapin, locksmith Yevgeny Neofitovich Klestov. A. Markov in the shop talking with the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, collector of motorcycle tires Klavdia Grigorievna Livanova. Komsomol Youth Assembly Shop No. 2; members of the Komsomol youth brigade at work. Machine tools designed by E.N. Klestov. A device for expanding fabrics on calenders. An employee at work on an automated production line for cutting cords. The chief technologist of the plant, Leonid Leonidovich Ustrugov, is sitting at a table in his office, talking (sinhr.) About the need to organize a public institution for improving production; on the creation of cooperation between engineers and workers to carry out planned work on new equipment, on the introduction of new technological processes, new tire models, new materials; about the flow of new ideas in production.
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komsomol youth brigades
, special vehicles
, labor (workers) dynasties
, tire production
, cities
, doskipocheta
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