We Go to Sea

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An employee of the USSR Ministry of the Navy in the office of the operational map, puts on the map models of ships in the sea. There are radiograms on the table. Timber loading on the ship "Abagurles" in the Arkhangelsk port for transporting it to London. "Abagurles" goes out to sea, passes through the ice. The captain of the ship, Modestov, calls the Belousov icebreaker over the radio to guide the ship through the dense ice. "Abagurles" is following the icebreaker. The Yuri Gagarin turbo ship, leaving the port of Odessa, passes through the Suez Canal, heading to Indonesia, Vietnam with cars and equipment on board. Yuri Gagarin enters the Indonesian port of Surabaya. Unloading tractors, buses from the ship. "Yuri Gagarin" goes to sea on a course to Vietnam, crosses the equator, enters the port of Haiphong. Unloading vehicles from the ship, loading bales with rubber. Captain of the turbo ship "Yuri Gagarin" Golubenko with a representative of the British company in Singapore. Streets of Singapore, bank buildings. Greeting the New Year with the Abagurles crew in the London port, with the Yuri Gagarin crew at the equator. Port of London, ships are at the pier.
E. Efimov, A. Levitan
Film ID
economic communications
, holidays
, leisure
, sea transport
, higher state bodies
, cities
, great britain
Number of Parts
E. Efimov, A. Levitan
Other Creators
Script N. Kemarsky, sound I. Gunger
Release Date
Has Sound

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