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The film tells about the Volga Automobile Plant. Part 1 Cars of all models produced at the VAZ drive along the winter track. Model of the city of Togliatti. Residents of the city of Togliatti walk down the street to the factory. Schoolchildren go with a teacher on an excursion - to the Volzhsky Automobile Plant. Schoolchildren on excursions to the VAZ Museum. Hero of Socialist Labor, turner-borer, chairman of the VAZ labor collective Semyon Vasilyevich Kleimenov tells schoolchildren about the construction of the plant, about its work, about the future of VAZ (sinhr.). Production processes in the assembly shop of the plant. The work of robotic systems in the workshop. General view of the main conveyor of the plant (filmed from the passage through the shop). Cars VAZ-21001 and VAZ-2107 roll off the assembly line. General view of the premises where the control system for all production processes of the plant is located. Computer technology work. Employees of the Computing Center of the plant at work. The plant designers are testing new machine tools designed at the plant. The photographer takes pictures of the members of the electrician brigade. A production meeting of a brigade of electricians headed by foreman Vasily Mikhailovich Malykhin, a delegate to the 27th Congress of the CPSU. VM Malykhin with one of the young members of the brigade in the shop, explains something to him. General view of the building of the Branch Training Center. Automotive College students at a lecture. The teacher demonstrates to students the work of one of the devices. Students of the branch vocational school get acquainted with the work of machine tools during practical exercises in the workshop. The head of the personnel department Mikhail Nikolaevich Dobyndo talks with an employee of the department, gives an interview (sinhr.). Young factory workers give interviews (sinhr.). Part 2. Employees of VAZ at a session in the office of psychological emotional relief (behind the scenes, the voice of a psychologist sounds, who pronounces the text of the auto-training). An employee of VAZ tells in her interview how she was helped to equip the room for emotional relief (sinhr.). A male factory worker talks about how the room for emotional relief helps in work, relieves the stress accumulated during the work shift. Another girl says that these rooms are very useful. The work of the factory canteen. Factory workers in the dining room during lunch, in the factory library, in the reading room. Factory workers at one of the meetings of the social and political club. Speech by composer Eduard Kolmanovsky to the workers of the plant. General view of the payroll of the factory worker - Boris Vasilyevich Volkov. B. Volkov talks (sinhr.) About how his salary is formed: what payments it consists of. VAZ employees leave the checkpoint after the shift, go to the buses in the parking lot. Buses with passengers are leaving. Panorama of the Avtozavodsky district of Togliatti. General view of multi-storey buildings. Construction of new residential buildings. New settlers move into new apartments. Men are unloading furniture from trucks, carrying a TV into the staircase. Foyer of the factory dormitory. Interiors of living rooms in a hostel, rest rooms. View of the savings bank in the hostel building. The queue stands at the windows of the savings bank. Hostel buffet. The barmaid serves young people living in the hostel. The work of the Soyuzpechat kiosk in the hostel. People buy newspapers and magazines. The work of the dry goods department in the hostel. The seller serves the buyers. A wedding cortege is driving along one of the streets of the city. The young family of the welder Viktor [Vekser] in the apartment of the family dormitory. Victor talks about himself (sinhr.), About the prospects for the future. Victor's wife with a child is sitting in an armchair. General view of the territory of the VAZ children's center for 40 thousand children (filmed from the top). Children play for a walk, in a group, swim in the pool. General view of the factory medical center. View of one of the VAZ rest houses. Greenhouse facilities of VAZ. Early cucumbers and flowers in greenhouses. The building of the Palace of Sports. Fragment of a hockey match on the ice of the Palace of Sports. Fans in the stands. General view of the gym, where young gymnasts are engaged - children of VAZ workers. General view of the pool. Swimmer training. Lovers of winter swimming - "walruses" swim in the ice-hole. Lovers of ice fishing on the river. XVIII Winter Spartakiad in Togliatti: playing football on the stadium's winter field, skiing competitions. The holiday of seeing off the Russian winter in Togliatti. Fair. People at the fairgrounds. Cooking kebabs. Men eat ready-made barbecue, people buy pastries, sweets at the fair. Festive youth disco: young people are dancing, musicians are playing, they are singing a song about Togliatti (sync. And per frame.). General view of sailing boats on the Volga. Streets of Togliatti (filmed with passage). the building of the cinema "Saturn", shopping arcade, residential high-rise buildings. Excursion buses "Ikarus" drive up to the hotel parking lot. People walk along the streets, walk in the park, children bathe in the fountain. Athletes train in roller skiing. View of the city beach on the Volga: people are resting, sunbathing, swimming. General view of the main conveyor belt of VAZ.
Film ID
, architecture
, football
, public catering
, dorms
, printing
, everyday life
, skiing
, sailing
, national holidays
, professional education
, libraries
, cities
, automotive industry
, trade
Number of Parts
A. Nazarov
Other Creators
screenwriter A. Shavrin, editor O. Teplenko, sound engineer I. Nikiforova
Release Date
Has Sound

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