We See the Face of Europe

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1h - Seeing off in the Leningrad port of the ship "Ukraina" with a delegation of shock workers going on a cruise abroad. The motor ship is sailing. The members of the voyage are resting on the deck. German battleship at sea. Arrival of the motor ship to Kiel, passing through the Kiel Canal. 2h - Arrival at the port of Hamburg. Views of Hamburg, city enterprises. Unemployed on the streets. German workers talk with members of the Soviet delegation. 3h - Arrival of the ship to London, visiting memorable historical sites associated with the name of Karl Marx, acquaintance with the city. Unemployed on the streets. British workers see off the members of the voyage. 4h -Ship in the Bay of Biscay. The workers are resting on the deck. Arrival to Genoa. Inspection by members of the delegation of Turin. Italian resorts, an automobile plant. Departure of the ship from Genoa. Motor ship in the Ligurian Sea. 5h -The heat ship in Constantinople-Istanbul. Inspection of the city. The flight participants say goodbye to the residents of Istanbul. Motor ship in the Black Sea. Arrival to Odessa.
R. Gikov
Film ID
foreign countries
, international public relations
, sea transport
1720, 7
Number of Parts
A. Schekutyev, S. Gusev, R. Gikov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
No Sound

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