We the Poitylo Tribe

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The film tells about the last representatives of a separate ethnic group of the Koryak people - the Poitylo tribe, living in the village of Paren (Kamchatka Territory, Penzhinsky District, Koryak Autonomous Okrug) and how the local authorities create conditions for the people of the tribe that are impossible for life, offer them to move from native village in other villages. First part. Letters, parcels, parcels are accepted on board the helicopter. The helicopter takes off. - a letter to M.S. Gorbachev from the inhabitants of the village of Paren. Men - representatives of the Poitylo tribe in the helicopter cabin look out the window. Types of tundra (shot from a helicopter window). Seagulls fly over the water of the Penzhinskaya Bay (Sea of Okhotsk), shore. Men of the tribe build yarangas from poles on the northern shore of the Sea of Okhotsk. The bear walks along the hill among the snow, tumbling in the snow. Sea otter (Kamchatka beaver) swims in the water. Sunset in the tundra. The bottom of the sea after low tide, the remaining debris. Men repair a boat motor on the shore. Old wooden buildings on the shore of the bay, wooden boats, anchor. A man with a gun walks along the shore. The village Paren, where the last representatives of the Poitylo tribe live, wooden houses. Wooden school building, children run out of doors into the street. View of the village at sunset. Vegetable garden after hedge, a woman and a boy are spilling potatoes. An elderly blacksmith forges knives on an anvil. - the famous paren knife. General view of the smithy in which the Paren blacksmiths work. A young man burns a drawing on a wooden scabbard. A man reads a fragment from a letter to M.S. Gorbachev, which raises the question of preserving his people. - high fur boots embroidered with beads. The craftswoman in the room sews high fur boots, kindles a fire in the furnace. - Koryak burial clothes. NDP on abandoned snow-covered reindeer skins in the tundra, an all-terrain vehicle is going by. Ice floes float on the Paren River, wooden boats on the shore. The announcer reads out an excerpt from the decision of the Penzhinsky district executive committee, which talks about the losses that the Manila village Paren brings to the state farm and a request to the Council of People's Deputies of the Koryak Autonomous Okrug to abolish the Parensky village council and exclude the village Paren from the lists of the Penzhinsky district. Men are sitting on the banks of the river, drinking tea, a kettle on the fire. The confluence of the Paren River into the Penzhinskaya Bay, a man and a boy are sailing in a motor boat, rocks in the background. The man talks about the statements of local officials that their family has degenerated and that for many years the authorities have created conditions for the people of the tribe that are impossible for life. Deer skulls on the shore. View of the bay caught fish on the shore. Women on the shore are butchering fish. The boy is chewing on a fish head. The men pull the killed seal out of the boat. Second part: Rocks, seashore. Birds sit on a rock, birds fly over the water. A deer dies on the river bank. Representatives of the fishery supervision check the nets of the fishermen of one of the expeditions. A bearskin by the expedition house, a gun is standing nearby. The inspector draws up a protocol. It is snowing, huskies tied to a tree are sitting. Dried fish on poles, dogs are sitting nearby, in the background - the houses of the village. Koryaks are processing deer skins in a workshop. Kamlanie bear in the room. Dog with puppies on the porch of the house. Destroyed machinery in the yard, destroyed wooden buildings. Laundry dries on a rope in the yard of the house. The helicopter lands in a clearing near the village, it is greeted by residents, among them - women with strollers, with small children. Members of one of the commissions go down the ladder of the helicopter, offering residents to agree to resettlement. The villagers are sitting on benches near the house, discussing the proposal. The authorities promise to close the shop, post office, the police can initiate a criminal case on the fact of parasitism against each resident of the village. The woman tells how officials threatened those who did not want to move. The girl fires up the stove, explains why she does not want to move. The chairman of the Penzhinsky district executive committee [Levchuk] walks around the village, turns away from the camera. View of the village of Kamenskoye, stone houses, hills in the background. A crane transports the cargo from the ship to the back of a truck on the river bank. The GAZ car is driving along the street. Wooden pavements in the village, poster "GLORY to the KPSS!" on the wall of a wooden house. A poster on another house "A PARTY OF MIND, HONOR AND CONSCIENCE OF OUR EPOCH!", Men with strollers pass by. Central estate of the state farm "Manilskiy", a house under construction for immigrants from Paren. A Koryak family of eight in their room, a child is playing on the floor with a puppy, a woman is breastfeeding a baby, a girl is knitting, the rest are drinking tea on the floor. A woman with a baby in a helicopter cabin. Village Guy, residents at their homes, dogs running down the street. Passengers get out of the helicopter MI-8, which has landed near the village, a panorama of the people meeting them. A leaning ship near the river bank. Grass grows through the bottom of a wooden boat on the shore. A poster in the village "WE, THE TRIBE OF POTYLO VILLAGE A GUY, WILL NOT LEAVE THE LAND OF FATHERS AND GRANDFATHER!" Men are sailing in the bay on a motor boat. An elderly woman with a boy are walking along the street of the village. NDP on the faces of the villagers. View of the village in winter.
A. Morozov
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standard of living
, automobile transport
, participation of workers in the public life of the country
, settlements
, water industry
, population
, a family
, fishing
, schools
, paganism
, animal world
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, residential houses
, political propaganda
, protection of nature and the environment
, rural settlements
, beast hunting and hunting
, employment
, agitation
, territory
, ecological disasters
, peoples life
, labor
, local government authorities
, situation of various populations
, handicraft industry
, air transport
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P. Korotaev
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