We Were Born Here

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The film is dedicated to the situation in the USSR of Soviet citizens of Jewish nationality. A delegation of Jews from the United States and Canada gets acquainted with the life of Soviet Jews, visits the sights of the cities of the Soviet Union. Cities: Moscow. Leningrad, Petrodvorets, Vilnius, Odessa, Birobidzhan, Kiev, Chisinau, Bratsk. Streets, buildings, monuments of history and architecture. Transport, pedestrian traffic. Trade in books, flowers. Bazaar in Chisinau. Pharmacy in the city of Birobidzhan. Monument to victims of Jewish pogroms, monument to Mendele Moikher-Sforim in Odessa. Monument to Prince Vladimir in Kiev. Monuments dedicated to the events and heroes of the Civil War, World War II in Moscow, Odessa, Kiev, Vilnius. Poetry evening at the [Polytechnic Museum] in Moscow. Literary evening dedicated to Sholom-Aleichem in the club of the Writers' Union of Ukraine in Kiev. Interview with the Lithuanian poet E. Mezhelaitis, the Jewish writer A. Gontar, the Jewish poet Y. Sternberg (synchronously). Jewish folk theaters in Birobidzhan, Vilnius, Chisinau. Fragments of the performances of the artists. Newsreels dedicated to figures of science and culture, including: D. Shostakovich, E. Gilels, M. Plisetskaya, L. Kogan, M. Rastropovich, D. Oistrakh, L. D. Landau, N. M. Budker, B . Wulu. Production processes in industry and agriculture in the Jewish Autonomous Region, including at the Birobidzhan hosiery factory, the Birobidzhan power transformer plant, and the Dalselmash combine plant. Construction of the Bratsk hydroelectric power station. Chief Construction Engineer A. Gindin gives interviews (synchronously). Registration of marriage in one of the registry offices of the city of Bratsk. Meeting of the editorial board of the "Sovetish Geimland" magazine. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Synagogue. Service in the synagogue. Newsreel footage of periods: the Civil War in Russia, World War II, the first five-year plans. Chronicle footage of the pre-revolutionary period. Family members of the Geytman family share their family history at home.
V. Mandelblant
Film ID
specialized trade
, international connections
, livestock
, literature
, population
, artistic activities
, plant growing
, light industry
, a family
, music
, judaism
, energy
, private trade
, club type institutions
, state holidays
, government
, agricultural engineering
, publishing
, armed forces
, awards
, electrical industry
, christianity
, printing
, national policy
, sculpture
, home life
Number of Parts
V. Kovda, I. Sologubov, A. Burlaga, Y. Revzin, V. Lukin, E. Nebylytsky, A. Poluektova
Other Creators
Script B. Sheinin
Release Date
Has Sound

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