We Will Be Back Victorious

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The film is dedicated to the participants of the parade on November 7, 1941. Red Square. Empty street in Moscow. The military is going by in cars, trains. Military band. Veterans in Red Square. The participants of the 1941 parade are walking. Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War. A column of conscripts is marching. Conscripts pass along the line of soldiers. Demonstrators in Red Square. Military equipment, ready for the parade, on Red Square. Tymoshenko is speaking. Stalin, Voroshilov on the podium of the Mausoleum. Fighting during the Great Patriotic War. Refugees are carrying carts. A crowd of refugees with knots. Destroyed houses, theater building. Steamer with refugees. Praying in the church. People are digging trenches. Nadolby on the streets of Moscow. Defense Committee Resolution. The military is checking documents. People in the subway. Kremlin. Meeting of the State Defense Committee. On the podium IV Stalin and members of the government; among them - V.M. Molotov. JV Stalin speaking. Tanks, columns of militias on the streets of Moscow. Troops at the Historical Museum. Military equipment drives into Red Square. Spectators at the Kremlin wall. Shelves built for the Red Square parade. The parade participants are walking. Columns of captured German soldiers, German cemeteries, corpses of soldiers. Meeting of the soldiers who came from the front.
V. Rebrov
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state holidays
, the great patriotic war
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O. Massarygin, A. Ertel
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