We Will Increase the Production of Feed

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The film from the series "Catching up with the USA in the production of animal products" is dedicated to the production of feed. Filmed by order of the USSR Ministry of Agriculture. First part. Russia. A freight train is passing through the territory of the plant. Steelworkers in the shop at work. Molten metal pours. A red-hot bar moves on a conveyor belt in the workshop of the Ural Heavy Engineering Plant. A welder in the shop at work. Assembly of the ship in the workshop of the Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard; banner with the inscription: “Sormovichi! His…. we will strengthen the cause of peace with labor! " Grain harvesting; harvester driver at the helm. Scientist in the laboratory at work. Construction site of residential buildings in one of the city districts; cranes are working. Russia, Moscow. View of the territory of VDNKh from the plane. Fountain "Stone Flower". Visitors to the exhibition near the fountain. A group of people with a guide in the Agriculture pavilion. Russia. Cows graze in the meadow. Pigs near the trough. A flock of sheep in the pasture. Cornfield. A corn harvester is harvesting corn; the cutting unit is running. The ears of corn fall into the back of the truck. Corn cobs in a basket. A worker pours the cobs from the basket into the back of the car. Cartoon map of the expansion of corn plantings in Russia. Application of fertilizers to the field by machines. Tractors with harrows are working in the field. Sowing corn. Title: "INCREASING CORN YIELD - ONE OF THE MAIN RESERVES OF FODDER PRODUCTION". Cornfield. A milkmaid pours milk from a bucket into a can. Milking a cow with a milking machine. A farm worker places the feed on the feeders. Vetch, lupine, clover, sainfoin, alfalfa and other plants in the field. A laboratory assistant conducts an experiment on the isolation of protein from beans in a biochemical laboratory. Title: "COMBINING CORN FODDERS WITH HIGH-PROTEIN FODDERS SUCCESSFULLY SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF INCREASING THE PRODUCTIVITY OF LIVESTOCK." A meeting of the collective farm board, where areas for crops are allocated. Planting vetch in a mixture with oats in a fallow field. A tractor with a seeder is working in the field. Title: "EXPANDING THE SEEDS OF HIGH-PROTEIN FODDER CROPS AND INCREASING THEIR YIELD IS ANOTHER RESERVE IN CREATING A STRONG FODDER BASE." Forage lands. Pasture corrals. The second part of. Cows graze in pens on pastures, then horses graze in these pens. Mowing weeds, applying fertilizers, harrowing the soil, leveling the manure left after animals in the pasture. Meadows overgrown with bushes. The tractor is working on clearing the meadow from the bushes. Workers are digging out bushes. The sprinkler is driving through the meadow. Mowing herbs. Stacking cut grass on the field. Automatic feeding of hay to the stack. Trucks loaded with hay drive through the field. A system of dams and embankments in a field with estuary irrigation in spring (aerial photography). A flock of sheep in the meadow. Title: "HOUSEHOLD USE OF NATURAL FODDER AREAS - ANOTHER RESERVE FOR INCREASING FODDER PRODUCTION". The pigs wash the pigs. Combines are working on harvesting potatoes. Pigs eat potatoes left over from the field after harvesting. Workers unload food waste from a tank into a truck. Pigs near the trough. Maize harvesting. The green mass is lifted on a conveyor into the silo. Title: "INCREASE IN FODDER PRODUCTION - THE BASIS FOR RAPID RISE OF LIVESTOCK."
T. Vulfovich, N. Kurikhin
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, exhibitions
, livestock
, shipbuilding
, mechanical engineering
, railway transport
, plant growing
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P. Zotov
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