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A. N. Kosygin's stay in Great Britain. Negotiations A. N. Kosygin and British Prime Minister G. Wilson at the residence on Downing Street. Meeting A. N. Kosygin and his entourage with members of the Confederation of British Industry. Speakers: President of the Confederation Stephen Brown, Alexei Kosygin. AN Kosygin and members of the Soviet delegation get acquainted with the production of the firm "Elliot Automation", which produces electronic computers for industry. Opening of an Anglo-Soviet historical exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. AN Kosygin, G. Wilson and others visiting the exhibition. Reception of A. N. Kosygin by the mayor of London, Robert Bellinger. A. N. Kosygin and R. Bellinger make speeches. Members of the Soviet delegation are in the building of the British Parliament. Photo: A. N. Kosygin and Queen Elizabeth II during a reception at Buckingham Palace. AN Kosygin's speech on London television. Big reception at the Embassy of the Soviet Union in London. AN Kosygin takes British leaders. A. N. Kosygin and his entourage lay a wreath at the grave of Karl Marx at the Highgate cemetery. Trip A. N. Kosygin and members of the delegation to Scotland. Residents of Glasgow welcome the Soviet guests. Reception at the City Hall with the Mayor of Glasgow Johnston. Alexei Kosygin's visit to the nuclear power plant in Hunterston, on the west coast of Scotland. The city of Kilmarnock. AN Kosygin and members of the delegation at a football match between the teams of the Rangers club and the city club of Kilmarnock. City of Edinburgh. Reception A. N. Kosygin and members of the delegation at the City Hall by the Lord Mayor of Edinburgh.
I. Setkin
Film ID
economic communications
, energy
, cultural connections
, electronic industry
, sports
, football
, political connections
, media
Number of Parts
S. Kiselev, G. Serov
Other Creators
Sound V. Kotov, text by Y. Karavkin
Release Date
Has Sound

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