Weekend in the Caspian

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The film is a reportage about vacationers who leave behind heaps of garbage and food waste on the coast of the Caspian Sea in Dagestan. The film was shot by order of the Society for the Conservation of Nature. 1 part Dagestan. Tents, buses, cars, heavy goods vehicle on the shore. Vacationers sunbathe on the beach, cook food on a campfire near the tents, grill barbecue. A man and a woman wash their car in a stream near the beach. Garbage heaps, watermelon peels, bags, bottles, empty cans on the beach. The woman collects bottles. Man, boys are rummaging through a heap of garbage. Vacationers eat, throw garbage near the tents. Three loaves of bread in water. A broken cot, teapots lying on the sand. Garbage scatters on the beach in the wind. Part 2 A man cuts a calf on the shore. Drunk Caucasians dance lezginka on the beach. The men are drinking vodka. Vacationers of different ages, children dancing on the beach. The boys are driving a stroller with empty bottles. The bus with the rest is leaving. Garbage, newspapers, bags on the sand, food remains near the car. Tin cans in the stream. A sprat can floats along the stream. Children play in a littered stream. Huge sun disc over the sea.
V. Grunin
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, automobile transport
, relaxation
, everyday life
, ecological disasters
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B. Nasimov
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