Well Good Kostik Good

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The film tells about the life and life of one of the families living on the territory of the Dniester estuary, near the Belgorod-Dnestrovskaya (Akkerman) fortress (Ukraine, Odessa region). 1 part. Family celebration. Family members are sitting at a set table. The head of the family gets up and makes a toast (sync.). All those present at the table stand up, clink glasses. The wife of the head of the family complements her husband's toast with the words: at the children and grandchildren gathered at the table (sinhr.). Landscapes of the Dniester estuary with the Belgorod-Dniester fortress. Waves run ashore during windy weather. Boy Kostik, the grandson of the head of the family, is swimming in the estuary. Horse in the water, goat in the pen, chickens in the yard, fish in the aquarium. A worker on a farmer's farm sits at a table, eats from a bowl. General view of the vineyard. Women are members of the family of the owner of the farm and hired workers work in the vineyard. General view of the grape crusher-separator in the yard of the farmer's house. The owner pours the grapes into the apparatus, rotates the wheel of the machine. Boy Kostik cuts bunches of grapes from the vine, puts them in a basket, carries a basket of grapes. The woman - Kostya's grandmother sits in the courtyard surrounded by baskets of grapes, cleans the berries from twigs, puts them in a basket. The grapes ferment in vats. The owner of the farm mixes the mass in the vat with his hand. Family members of the owner of the farm during an outdoor picnic: food is spread out on a tablecloth, on the ground. Part 2. General view of icy grape branches, grape berries. Grapes from baskets are piled into a heap. View of a vat with fermenting grapes. The owner of the farm is engaged in the production of wine: he mixes the contents of one of the vats. The wine flows down the gutter into the vat. The owner of the farm is in the cellar, where the wine is kept in barrels. The type of vats in which wine ferments. One of the women at the picnic pours wine from a decanter into a glass. The head of the family drinks a glass of wine. The hired farm worker is sitting at the table, eating from a bowl. The wife of the owner of the farm prepares stuffed cabbage rolls in the kitchen: she wraps minced meat in grape leaves, puts them in a cauldron. General view of the Belgorod-Dnestrovskaya fortress. Two people climb the path to the fortress wall. Family members of the owner of the farm are sitting in a meadow, baskets with harvested grapes are standing next to them, pumpkins are lying on the garden bed. Boy Kostya comes up to the pumpkin, watches the caterpillar crawling on the pumpkin. The man takes out little rabbits from the nest, holds a white rabbit in his hands. The owner of the farm and his wife are in the courtyard of the house, holding a goat by the legs. The man cuts the goat's throat. The goat's blood drains into the basin. A man freshens a slaughtered goat. The farm owner's wife washes away the blood of a slaughtered goat in the yard with a hose. The owner of the farm removes the skin from the slaughtered goat, the grandson helps his grandfather. Piglets in the barn. Kostya's boy sharpens the wire on a grinder. The owner of the farm, with the help of his wife, holds the piglet, pierces the piglet with a wire, disinfects the puncture site with alcohol. Geese in the yard of the farm. Part 3. The wife of the owner of the farm butchering the meat of a slaughtered goat, next to her grandchildren with kittens in their hands. Geese in the yard of the house. Cabbage heads in the garden bed, a bunch of corn cobs. The woman cleans the ears from the leaves, puts them in a basket. The owner of the farm at the crushing apparatus, works with a lever. The granddaughter is watching her grandfather. The view of the moon in the dark sky. Morning. Geese and guinea fowls graze in the meadow. A woman milks a goat. A fire is burning in the oven, A woman in the kitchen is kneading dough for bread. The owner with a bag of fish enters the house, pours this fish from the bag into a pile of fish already lying on the floor. Dough in bread tins. The woman takes out loaves of bread from the oven. Women put baked bread on the table. The owner takes out the feed for the pigs. A man is fishing in the estuary, standing on a stone. The motor boat sails along the estuary. The boats are on the shore of the estuary. Boy Kostik in the boat. A woman goes with a bundle to the local cemetery, stands at the grave of her father - Shelestyan Ivan Yemelyanovich, who died in 1995, next to her grandson Kostik. The owner of the house with his grandchildren. Sunset over the Dniester estuary. The boy goes down the path leading from the fortress wall. Part 4. The owner's wife and her assistant make homemade sausage in the kitchen. An employee is sitting in the yard. A woman farm worker drinks a glass of wine presented by the hostess. A bunch of homemade sausages, a decanter of wine on the kitchen table. Boy Kostik is sitting in the hay in the yard, reading a book by Alexander Grin. View of a sleeping boy. Winter landscape of the Dniester estuary. Ruins of the fortress walls. A woman grazes a herd of goats near the fortress. View of the ruins at the site of an archaeological excavation in the vicinity of the Belgorod-Dnestrovskaya (Akkerman) fortress, where ancient Tira was located - an ancient Greek settlement founded in the 6th century BC. Sunset over the Dniester estuary. Family members are sitting at the table, celebrating Kostik's birthday. Kostik next to his grandparents, who are sitting with garlands of grape leaves. Those present drink to the boy's health. The school choir sings in the school yard. Swan in the sea among the stones. Close-ups of the heroes of the film. The swan beats in the water among the stones. Ice-covered vine branches. Drunk man and woman lie on the ground. The boy runs across the field.
S. Bosenko
Film ID
, everyday life
, landscapes
, plant growing
, farm
, monuments of history and architecture
Number of Parts
P. Dukhovsky
Other Creators
screenwriters I. Semashko, S. Bosenko, artist E. Galkin
Release Date