WHA Factory and People

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A film about the Volga Automobile Plant. Production processes in workshops. Testing of new car models. The teacher leads the lesson in the first grade. The city of Togliatti. Winter and summer views and landscapes of the city. Transport and pedestrian traffic. The girls are washing the windows in the new house. Children at the rink. Initiation into workers at the VAZ. Assembly of Zhiguli cars. Maternity hospital. Relatives and friends meet a mother with a newborn. The Martynenkov sisters talk about their lives (synchronously), they work in the shop of the plant, in the same area. Acceptance of socialist commitments (synchronously). The deputy is receiving voters. The boy performs at a holiday in kindergarten, sings (synchronously). Children are dancing. Buying books on the bookshop. S. V. Klemenov, Hero of Socialist Labor, and his brothers at work. S. V. Kleymenov gives interviews (synchronously). Test driver A. Ganyushkina is testing a three-millionth car, giving interviews (synchronously). Sons A. Ganyushkina, Ganyushkina with her husband at home. Tests of the prototype "Niva". G. Ganyushkin at the wheel of "Niva", plays the accordion in the accordion ensemble. Hockey match. A. Ganyushkina on the track. Evening in one of the clubs. The fireplace is on. The participants of the meeting listen to the performance of the bard. Celebration on November 7 in the city of Togliatti. Children go to school.
E. Goltzman
Film ID
medical services for the population
, leisure
, school education
, state holidays
, population
, preschool education
, artistic activities
, cities
, automotive industry
, a family
, electoral system
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A. Mironova
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Has Sound

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