What Are You Praying for My Sisters

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The film tells about the life of the nuns of the St. Nicholas Convent (Ukraine, Mukachevo). The first part. Summer, Mukachevo (Ukraine, Transcarpathian region), the ensemble of the St. Nicholas Convent, the Latoritsa River (filmed from a flying helicopter). A group of tourists approaches the gates of the monastery. Steps to the temple. Internal view of the temple. Fragment of the service in the temple. Iconostasis. NDP on the icons on the walls of the temple. Candles are burning in front of the icons. The priest in the temple talks about the monastics, about the monastic community. The nuns are in the temple at the service. The nun enters the temple. The priest stands at the Royal Gates. NDP for the vestments of the priest. Nuns are singers. The nuns leave the temple from the service, walk along the path. The nuns are having lunch in the refectory, one of them is reading the Psalter. The courtyard of the monastery, outbuildings, drying clothes on a rope (filmed from a high point). The novice washes in the yard. Crosses on ancient graves. The black dress dries on a tree branch. - field daisies. A woman in black clothes walks through the garden, talking about her life. - a rosary in her hands. Second part: The nun works in the garden. A nun among the beehives in an apiary. The novice collects water from the well. Piled firewood near the barn, there is a cow with a calf. A nun in a cowshed milks a cow. - the face of a young nun. Chicken coop, a woman gives food to chickens. A woman removes weeds in a cabbage patch. An elderly woman sits on a bench in the garden, next to a basket of vegetables. NDP on wood with yellow leaves. NDP on the stairs leading to the rooms of the nuns. One of the rooms, a nun standing on a stepladder, wipes icons on the wall. A nun in the yard is beating out pillows. A nun in the kitchen makes a fire in the oven, another nun puts the dough in trays. The cat is lying on the rug. The woman puts the trays in the oven. NDP in the kitchen. One of the nuns washes the dishes. The nun baptizes bread, takes it out of the oven. Bread laid out on the table. The nuns in the yard are making preparations from vegetables for the winter. A man is cutting cabbage on a canning machine. NDP on the icons on the wall of one of the cells. A nun is sitting on a hillside, reading the psalter, in the background is the ensemble of the monastery. A nun grazes cows in a clearing. Another nun knocks out rugs in the courtyard, a panorama of the buildings of the monastery. Sister Anna is sitting on the sofa in her room, talking about the path of the monastics. An elderly nun leaves her room, walks down the corridor. Views from the windows of the corridor to the monastery courtyard.
A. Samoilova
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, livestock
, christianity
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, cities
, plant growing
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E. Sklyarov
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