When I Came to This Land

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Boiling water. The guy plays the guitar and sings (synchronously). Rocks. Drawing on a stone. Ice drift. The girl is on the operating table. Oscilloscope. Weaving factory. Stone cutter at work. The artist Meshkov draws. Paintings of the artist. A ship washed ashore by ice. Young people are singing by the fire. Sunset. Motor ships, "Raketa", are sailing along the river. Passengers on deck. Inventor Lukovitsky is speaking. The city of Yeniseisk. The streets of the town. Church. Forest on the shore, in the water. Sawmill. Plywood boxes. Port of Igarka. Loading boards onto the ship. The guy is catching fish with a net on the Yenisei. People descend into the cave. Cavers at work. Stalagmites. Kyzyl city. Embankment. The bunker is dragging the self-propelled gun along the river. Forest thawed patches. Hunters talking by the fire (synchronously). Dance floor. A couple is dancing. Old men on a bench. A branch of a bird cherry. Flooded houses. A boat is sailing, a rescue boat. Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. Work in the Krasnoyarsk port. The crane is working. Streets of the city of Krasnoyarsk. Passers-by. A bus is going by. Girls buy flowers. Flooded embankment, pier. Bridge over the Yenisei. Cars are driving across the bridge. Weaving factory. Girls at work. Flooded house. Things are being loaded from the boat to the boat. There are things and cars with things near the houses. Streets of Krasnoyarsk. "Chadan" at the coast. Izba. The windows are shining. The moon is reflected in the river. People aboard the Chadan. Captain Pugis is at the helm. Dudinka port. Reindeer team. A horse harnessed to a sleigh. Dudinsky port lights in the fog.
E. Legate
Film ID
, applied art
, woodworking industry
, textile industry
, river transport
, health care
, natural disasters
, timber industry
, landscapes
, speleology
, painting
Number of Parts
N. Shmakov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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