When Legends Come to Life

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The film is dedicated to the national life and folk rituals of the peoples of the Far East. Far East. Mountain landscapes. The Amur River (removed from the NDP). Seagull flies over the river. River bank, coastal stones. Shaman's chant. The shaman beats the tambourine. Ulchi girls in national costumes swing on a log, laugh, dance around a tree. National rite of the Ulchi. Girls and a guy are dancing. The shaman beats the tambourine. Chamomile (close-up). A young man runs with a spear through the forest. The men perform the ceremony. The shaman beats the tambourine. A man is riding a horse. Cows graze in the field. A young girl at work, counts on a calculator. View of one of the villages of the peoples of the Far East. Woodworking machine in one of the farms. A man floats down the river in a boat. Fish catch (shot close-up). Clubhouse. Young people are having fun at the disco, dancing and playing musical instruments. Marriage of a young couple of the peoples of the Far East. Men are sailing in a boat along the river, the inhabitants of one of the villages greet them from the shore. One of the national rituals of the Ulchi. A young girl steps on a plate. Newlyweds (general plan). Solemn ceremony of marriage registration. The bride signs the document. A young man is praying on his knees, kissing an old man. An elderly woman braids a girl's hair. Ulchi girls dance during one of the rituals. Solemn wedding ceremony. The groom puts the wedding ring on the bride's hand, kisses her, carries her in his arms. Girls dance with straw baskets. NDP in the area. Landscape of the Amur River. Children are playing. The woman shakes the cradle with the baby. The shaman and the elderly women perform the ceremony. The shaman beats the tambourine. A little boy holds a tambourine in his hands. The boat is sailing along the Amur.
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, national life
, relaxation
, woodworking industry
, livestock
, folk rituals
, settlements
, population
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, fish farming
, zoology
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