When Will the Hour of Trouble Come

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The film tells about the methods of forecasting earthquakes and, in particular, about the cosmophysical method developed by the Ukrainian geophysicist E. I. Nesmyanovich. The film includes the following filming: The building of the seismic station in Obninsk, which receives data on the coordinates and time of earthquakes from international centers and seismic stations of the USSR. Station employees at computers. View of the 1991 Seismic Bulletin published from the collected data. View of the diagnostic station of the Tashkent Institute of Seismology. Station staff at work in the laboratory. Survey of the earth's surface using a laser light range finder installed in a special laboratory. Geophysicist EI Nesmyanovich at home talks about his family, about his scientific work and about the cosmophysical method, the development of which is associated with supernatural phenomena that happened to the author of the method at night, when contacts with the otherworldly "voice" and "ball" (sync.). EI Nesmyanovich, a sound engineer and an artist simulate the "voices", the shape and color of the "ball". Animation illustrating the cosmophysical method. Type of memorandum with forecasts of earthquakes EI Nesmyanovich. EI Nesmyanovich's application for invention No. 01 10117 in the reading room of the archive of the Committee of the State Committee for Inventions. The text of the letter of the vice-president of the USSR Academy of Sciences A. I. Yanshin about the creation of a working group under the leadership of E. I. Nesmyanovich. Tables with forecasts of earthquakes E. I. Nesmyanovich. The building of the Institute of Geophysics named after S.I. Subbotin of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR. EI Nesmyanovich with colleagues at work in a geological expedition to Kamchatka. Seismic station of the Institute of High Temperatures of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the adit of the Tien Shan mountains. Measuring equipment, automatic devices in remote points of the mountains. Types of Tan-Shan mountains. Newsreels of earthquakes and their consequences in Georgia, Japan, Armenia, etc.
I. Bryzgalova
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, abnormal occurrences
, geology
, geophysics
, japan
, armenia
, ecological hydr
, natural disasters
, academy of sciences of the ussr
, etc.
, disasters
, georgia
, geography
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L. Potravnov
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