Where Is Your Brother Abel

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View of the Black Sea from the cliff. General view of the ruins of Chersonesos. The motor ship is at the pier of Yalta. Sea view. Cypress alley in the cemetery. Graves. Monument on one of the graves with the inscription "Golodriga Pavel Yakovlevich. 1920-1986." Photo of Golodriga. Crimean journalist G. Suprynyuk lays flowers at the monument, talks (synchronously) about the breeder Professor P. Ya. Golodriga. Photo of a student of Professor Golodriga M. Suprynyuk. M. Suprynyuk talks about his teacher (synchronously). A bulldozer rakes grapes. General Zhebrunov tells (synchronously) about his comrade-in-arms P. Ya. Golodriga. War photographs. Director of the Institute "Magarach" Dzhaneyev, who dismissed the wine grower P. Ya. Golodrigu, speaks at a meeting, meets with foreign colleagues. Newsreels: Professor P. Ya. Golodriga at a vineyard examines the vine. Scientists in the laboratory are studying wine samples. Kind of resistant bunches of grapes, selected by P. Ya. Golodriga, in the laboratory. General view of the grape plantation. Says (synchronously) the author of the article about P. Ya. Golodriga in the magazine "Ogonyok" Y. Chernichenko. Newspaper articles calling for the destruction of vineyards. The crowd breaks into the liquor store. Says a man on the street (synchronously). Wine cellar view. There are bottles of rare wines. Prince Golitsyn's factory labels on wine bottles. Wine barrels at a winery. Kind of bottles with Crimean wines. Tasting room: visitors drink wine. Professor Valuyko tells (synchronously) about his friend P. Ya. Golodriga. Vine-grower V. Pestretsov tells (synchronously) about native grape varieties. Rare varieties of grapes on the plantation. View of the pier in Yalta: seagulls over the sea, ships at the pier. The facade of the house in the basement of which the breeder P. Ya. Golodriga committed suicide. Large dolls on one of the streets of Yalta. Attractions. Singers are singing on the embankment, tourists are having fun.
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the second world war
, scientific connections
, automobile transport
, relaxation
, food industry
, agricultural sciences
, sea transport
, archeology
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, cities
, plant growing
, consumer services
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