Where the Trout Splashed

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The film raises the problem of pollution of mountain rivers in North Ossetia. First part. Mountain river. Waterfall in the mountains. The boys are at the waterfall. NDP on the glacier in the mountains. Streams flow from the mountains. A man collects water from a spring. A gorge in the mountains, a river (filmed from the top point). Mineral spring in the mountains. Schoolchildren are swimming in the spring. Teenagers are resting on the banks of the river. The family dines by the car on the river bank. Garbage on the shore. NDP from mountain flowers to garbage, empty bottles in a clearing. View of a dump in the mountains (filmed from the top point). Types of the Fiagdon, Terek, Gizeldon rivers. Fireplace on the river bank, rubbish scattered along the mountainside. G. Vladikavkaz, river embankment Terek, girls are sitting on a bench, advertising "Megafon" on the roof of a multi-storey building. Dirty water in the gutter. Gutters, rubbish on the river bank. Water flows from the drain. Buildings of one of the businesses in the field. The buildings of the plant for the production of alcoholic beverages CJSC "Elita", bottles on the conveyor. The goose drinks water from the river. A herd of cows on the river bank. The second part of. River bank, mud flows into the river from the sewer. Garbage in the water. Dead cow on the river bank, birds in the sky. Smoke from factory chimneys. G. Mizur (Alagir district), sedimentation tanks of the processing plant. NDP from the settling tank to the sign "Waste storage of the Mizurskaya concentration plant". Waste pours from the chimney onto the ground. Dirty water in the sump. Excavators work on a mountain plateau. Construction site at the foot of the mountain, construction equipment is working. Drivers wash their cars with water from a spring in the mountains. NDP from the mountains to the lake. The turbine hall of one of the hydroelectric power plants. General view of a hydroelectric power station on a mountain river. Dam on the river. The river flows in the valley, trees on the banks, garbage in the water. Roofs of flooded houses, a herd of cows grazing on the shore. The cows are standing in the water. Water flow. NDP along the dried up river bed. River in the gorge. River in the valley, rapids.
S. Tsoriev
Film ID
, ecological catastrophy
, livestock
, environmental pollution
, chemical industry
, liquor and vodka industry
, water industry
, landscapes
, advertising
, cities
, peoples life
Number of Parts
S. Tsoriev, R. Makoev
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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