Where to Look for a Way Out

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Part I. A young man plays the guitar, sings (synchronously). Gazelles in the steppe. The prisoners get out of the prison car. A group of prisoners in a prison cell. Prisoners stand in front of the door with the NDP "Quarantine". Young men-convicts tell the reporter about themselves (synchronously). Prisoners sleep on bunks in a cell. The guard carries out a personal search of the convicts. The announcer talks about the internal regulations of the educational labor colony. The head of the colony tells the reporter about the problems of teenage prisoners (synchronously). The young man is sitting in a punishment cell. Juvenile convict V. Mikhailov is talking to correspondents (synchronously). His former teacher tells about the teenager (synchronously). Part II. A lesson in the senior classes of the boarding school in Ashgabat, where the convict V. Mikhailov studied. About V. Mikhailov, his family tells the head teacher of the school (synchronously), former classmates (synchronously). Judge L. V. Borisova carries the child in a carriage along the alley of the city park; stops; answers the correspondent's questions about juvenile delinquency (synchronously). Prisoners on the construction site in the yard of the colony. Panorama of the barbed wire on the fence. Convicts are marching in the courtyard of the colony. Prisoner N. Davydov answers the correspondent's questions (synchronously). The guard stands on the watchtower. Prosecutor Pakhomova answers the correspondent's questions (synchronously). Athletes in kayaks are sailing along the river (filmed from a floating boat). Athletes - comrades N. Davydova - talking to a reporter (synchronously). V. Davydov in the colony plays with a shepherd puppy. The senior police inspector tells reporters about the problems of employment and getting a place in the hostel of former prisoners (synchronously). Panorama over the territory of the colony. The young man is released, he is met by his mother. Birds fly over the barracks of the colony. A young man and his mother are walking along the street of the village.
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correctional labor institutions
, court
, prosecutors office
, school education
, media
, water sports
, animal world
, landscapes
, offenses and crimes
, punishmentcrimes
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