Who Are You Dr Schultz

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Monologue film "Who are you, Dr. Schultz?" tells about the life and work of the scientist-inventor of the apparatus "Artificial kidney" YG Shultz (YM Kozlov). The story is told from the perspective of the hero of the film. 1st part. Traffic on the highway in the evening. YG Shultz in a room at the dacha talks about himself, about the work on the apparatus "Artificial kidney" (synchronously). A patient in the ward at the "Artificial kidney" apparatus. Doctors in the operating room connect the patient with an artificial kidney device. YG Shultz at tables in a floating cafe in Stockholm. Newsreel footage: the work of scientists on the apparatus "Artificial kidney"; Yu.G. Schultz among scientists; meeting of the Academic Council; in the operating room, the surgeon connects an artificial kidney, Yu.G. Schultz at the apparatus; Moscow during the war period; cinema "Khudozhestvenny"; radio operator at the front at the radio; the commander receives a message on the radio; a convoy of cars at the crossing; earth captured from space. Photos by Yu.G. Shultz for different years. Stills from the archive of amateur filming of Y. G. Shultz: young Y. G. Shultz at work on the apparatus. 2nd part. Yuri Shultz's dacha. Yu.G. Shultz is typing on a typewriter. YG Shultz's wife with a dog in the kitchen. Photos by Yu.G. Shultz for different years. YG Shultz demonstrates amateur filming, filmed while visiting different countries. A film projector is working. YG Shultz talks about different cases of saving people's lives with the help of the "Artificial kidney" apparatus (synchronously and behind the scenes). YG Shultz visits the production shops of the Swiss company GAMBRO, where the apparatus "Artificial kidney" is produced. GAMBRO company building. Portrait of the founder of the company. Assembly of devices in the workshop. YG Schultz on the embankment in Stockholm. 3rd part. Department of hemodialysis, hospital No. 50, Moscow. Patients in the ward with connected devices. Yu.G. Shultz talks about his work on the "Artificial Kidney" apparatus and about his attempts to organize the production of apparatus in Russia (synchronously and behind the scenes). YG Schultz on the embankment in Stockholm.
A. Marutyan
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medical services for the population
, cinemas
, standard of living
, automobile transport
, second world war (including wwii)
, public catering
, medical industry
, sweden
, cities
, medicine
, a family
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S. Rahomyagi
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