Who Are You Madame Blavatsky

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A film about the life and work of the Russian writer and theosophist H.P. Blavatsky. 1st part. House of E.L. Blavatsky near Madras in India. Inauguration of a memorial plaque on the house in Dnepropetrovsk (formerly Yekaterinoslav), where H.P. Blavatskaya was born. On the blackboard there is an inscription: "In this house in 1831 was born H.P. Blavatsky Russian writer, founder of the International Theosophical Society." Burning candles near the board. Hindus perform religious rites on the banks of a river in India. Yogi sitting in the lotus position on the river bank. Sunset over the water. 2nd part. Snow-capped mountain peaks. White scarves with inscriptions hang from tree branches in a sacred place. Ivolginsky Datsan near Ulan-Ude in Buryatia. Buddhist monks enter the temple. Internal and external decoration of the temple. Monks in the temple during the service. Among the monks in the temple is [Khambo Lama Ayusheev]. 3rd part. Valley of the mountains. Clouds. Sunset over the horizon. India. Landscapes. Hindu temples. Temple complex Khajuraho. Mausoleum Taj Mahal in Agra. Catholic cathedral. Domes of the Transfiguration Church of the Novodevichy Convent in Moscow. Smolny Cathedral in St. Petersburg. Buddhist temple. Buddhist monks in the temple during the service. 4th part. India. Hindus perform religious rituals on the banks of the river, pray in the water. A place on the banks of the river where the dead are burned. Women and children wash clothes in the river. Buddhist temple. Buddhists in the temple at the service. Buddhist monks read holy books in the library. Sacred books in covers on the shelves in the library. Divine service in the synagogue. The rabbi carries the Torah among the believers in the temple during the service, reads sacred texts. Religious procession of children near the Catholic cathedral. Divine service in a Catholic cathedral. Religious procession and Easter service in the Orthodox Church (synchronously). 5th part. India. Buddhist monk reads holy books in the library. Monks leave the Buddhist temple, walk through the territory of the monastery. Buddhists perform religious rituals in the temple during the service. A small Buddhist temple on the shore of a reservoir. Blooming lotus in the water. The film includes staged filming dedicated to the life of H.P. Blavatsky. Cast: I. Muravyova (E. Blavatskaya), L. Tatunova (V. Zhelikhovskaya), V. Afonin (V. Soloviev), S. Popov (S. Witte).
K. Dilanyan
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, christianity
, islam
, landscapes
, vegetable world
, buddhism
, hinduism
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V. Kipin
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