Who Needs an Atom

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A film about the use of atomic energy in the energy sector in the USA, Great Britain, Sweden, France, the USSR (buildings, territory, machine rooms, power units, artificial reservoirs). Types of nuclear power plants in Sweden, Great Britain, USA, France. Government members, scientists, employees of nuclear power plants talk about nuclear power plants, talk about waste disposal, problems of nuclear energy (synchronously). France. Gulf of Gironde. Fishing boats in the bay. Fishing. Hotel and cafe in the city of Royan. Mediterranean coast. City of Paris. Rue Montmartre. Pedestrian traffic. River Seine. Bridge over the Seine. Pleasure boat. USA. City of San Francisco. The consequences of the earthquake. Pacific coast. Streets, buildings of the city. New York City. Theatrical procession on Memorial Day. Sweden. Stockholm city. Street Cafe. Passers-by on the streets. Embankment. The pleasure boat is moored to the pier. THE USSR. Ekibastuz coal basin. Gas pipeline. Obninsk nuclear power plant. High voltage power lines. Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Territory, buildings, structures of the production and technological cycle. The 4th block destroyed after the accident. Collection of signatures against the construction of a nuclear power plant in the city of Gorky, a rally (synchronously). Kursk NPP. Construction in progress: buildings, structures. Remote Control. Interview with the Minister of Energy E. I. Petryaev, nuclear specialists (synchronously). Roses in the greenhouse of the subsidiary farm of the Kursk NPP.
I. Grigoriev
Film ID
economic communications
, energy
, fuel industry
, fishing
, public service
, river transport
, public catering
, natural disasters
, ecological disasters
, cities
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O. Voinov, L. Goncharov
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There is no data
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