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1h -Portrait and books of Brezhnev. Bakhtarma reservoir. Landscapes. Combine harvester. Harvesting. Alma-Ata, the palace named after Lenin. Virgin soil veterans are sitting in the hall. D. A. Kunaev speaking. The audience applauds. Departure of virgin lands, seeing off volunteers at the station in Moscow. Leonid Brezhnev is speaking. Bridge, cars. Tractor plant. Railway train with equipment for virgin lands. 2h - First virgin lands leave the cars. Meeting and meeting at the station. Surveyors in the steppe. U. Uspanov (Kazakh Institute of Soil Science) is speaking. Night crossing of tractors. Column of machinery in the field. Virgin land workers around bonfires, tents, in trailers. People in the first furrow. Plowed virgin lands. Spring sowing. Pilot M. A. Atishev in the cockpit. Leonid Brezhnev in the field. Construction of a state farm village. 3h - Says A.R. Nikulin. E. Zaichukova (the first director of the state farm) at the poultry farm and in the field. In the Museum of the USSR Revolution, visitors at the stands dedicated to virgin lands. A group of people at the monument to D. Nesterenko. Remembers V.F. Makarin. Students at the construction of the village. Combine operator A. Isakov speaking. 4h - Machine operators harvesting bread. KE Voroshilov rewards virgin lands. Writers M. Auezov, S. Mukanov, K. M. Simonov are speaking. MA Sholokhov presented with the national Kazakh clothes. The director of the Zhdanovsky state farm V. Nikolenko is speaking. Sheep and bulls in a livestock complex. J. Deliev reports. 5h -Harvesting rice, corn. A.I.Baraev is speaking. Test of a flat cutter on virgin soil. The girl at the bakery. Streets of the cities of Petropavlovsk, Kokchetav, Pavlodar. Copper smelting and metallurgical shops in Ekibastuz. The people are meeting L. Brezhnev. Brezhnev says welcoming words.
A. Nugmanov
Film ID
railroad transport
, collective farms
, state farms
, building
, livestock
, development of virgin and fallow lands
, agriculture
, agitation and propaganda
, state figures
, cities
, kpss
Number of Parts
A. Bayuzakov, L. Kuzminsky
Other Creators
V. Larin, V. Polyakov, Yu. Reznikov
Release Date
Has Sound

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