Why Are People Drawn to the Stars

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A film about the space flight of the first cosmonaut from Kazakhstan within the framework of the "Kazakhstan-space" program, about the problems of profitability of space research. International Salon of Aviation and Space Technology in Bourges (France, Paris). Newsreel: the flight and explosion of the US spacecraft "Challenger". Moscow city. Research and Production Association "Energy". Interview (synchronously) General Designer Yu. Semenov. Installation "Energia" - "Buran". Pilot-cosmonaut R. Popovich examines maps made on the basis of surveys carried out in space, speaks (synchronously) about the problems of ecology of the USSR. Baikonur Cosmodrome. Among those present - N. Nazarbayev. Kazakh cosmonauts T. Musabaev and T. Aubakirov at the Cosmonaut Training Center. T. Aubakirov and T. Musabaev receive certificates of pilot-cosmonauts. Moscow city. T. Aubakirov and T. Musabaev on Red Square with their families. Baikonur Cosmodrome. The cosmonauts in training, at the festive table, accept Kazakh national clothes as a gift. Press conference on the approval of the Soyuz TM - thirteen spacecraft crew for testing the Mir complex, consisting of A. Volkov, T. Aubakirov, F. Fiebeck (Austria). Rocket start. Present: F. Vranitsky, N. Nazarbayev and others. Press conference. Observing the flight of the spacecraft in the MCC (Mission Control Center). Landing and meeting of astronauts.
A. Nugmanov
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scientific connections
, leisure
, catastrophes
, exhibitions
, media
, cosmonautics
, aviation
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I. Krylov
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