Why Are We Exploring Our Earth

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Educational film on geography. The first part.PNR in the forest (filmed from a helicopter). Snow-covered mountain peaks. The mountain river flows into the gorge. Bumblebee on a poppy flower. Poppy field. The stingray glides along the bottom of the sea. Deer chews leaves from a tree branch. An oil well is burning. Construction equipment is working in a pit. Ice-covered ocean (captured from helicopter). Belek on an ice floe. Seal on an ice floe. A reindeer team runs along the snowy tundra. Reindeer herders' camp. Geophysicists are installing instruments on an ice floe. Divers work underwater in the Arctic Ocean. The icebreaker goes across the ice-covered ocean. NDP in the desert. The camel walks through the desert. Lizard among the thorns in the sand. The beetle rolls the ball on the sand. A car with a water tank drives along the road. Street of one of the Central Asian cities. The queue at the car with drinking water. Glaciologists work in the mountains. Waterfall in the mountains. Cotton fields (filmed from a flying helicopter). Clouds in the sky. The buildings of the meteorological station in the mountains. One of the premises of the Hydrometeorological Center. Weather map. The captain of the ship stands at the dashboard in the wheelhouse. Ship at sea. The plane is in the sky, the lights are on, the crew is in the cockpit. Ripe ears in the field. Tractors with plows are driving across the field. Trucks with a special fertilizer spraying device are driving across the field. Second part: Underwater photography: scuba divers under water, fish, scuba divers collect sea urchins. View of the ocean through the porthole of the ship. The research ship "Vityaz" is sailing on the sea. Submarine ship "Argus". View of the Pacific Ocean floor from the "Argus" window. A flock of sheep grazes on the lawn. Village in the mountains. Rockfall in the mountains. Eruption. "UAZ" driving along the road in the mountains. Mountain Lake. Geophysicists work in the mountains. Mountain river. Geologists are studying rocks in the mountains. General view of a quarry for mining. One of the shops of the processing enterprise. Dirty water from the sump flows into the river. Summer, children in the courtyard of a multi-storey building. Poppy field. Hydroelectric power station on the river in the mountains. NDP through the mountains, along the river flowing from the mountain. The film uses newsreel footage: a tornado over the city, a hurricane tears off roofs from houses, water rushes along the city streets, waves roll over the house, washing away people, a flooded street, destroyed houses, the wind bends down plants in the field, starving in Africa, rescuers carry the boy to stretchers, cracks on the ground - the effects of an earthquake, a factory chimney is smoking, women and a girl are walking down the street, a man in an oxygen suit is driving a car.
M. Gnesin
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extractive industry
, energy
, fishing
, geology
, geophysics
, botany
, sea transport
, natural disasters
, forestry
, animal world
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, water industry
, reclamation
, plant growing
, geography
, peoples life
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M. Wentzel
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N. Goryunova
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