Wings over the Volga

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The Volga River (removed from the plane). The city of Kuibyshev (Samara), (removed from the plane). Streets, buildings, squares, city squares. Fountains. The movement of ships along the river. Buildings of modern and ancient architecture. Residents of the city on the streets, in parks, squares, cafes. Construction of new buildings. Exposition of the local history museum. Urban transport movement. House-Museum of V.I. Lenin. Lenin monument. Monuments to the heroes of the October Revolution and the Civil War. The production of sweets at the confectionery factory "Russia". Farewell to the Russian winter. Children on swings and carousels. The building and premises of the theater of drama. People's Artist V. A. Ershova is preparing to go on stage. Fragment of the play "The Golden Carriage" (synchronously). V. A. Ershova gives interviews (synchronously). Spectators in the theater. Summer and winter landscapes of the city, skiers ride from the mountains. Stadiums and Sports Palaces of the city. Lovers of winter swimming - "walruses" swim in the ice-hole. Ice fishing lovers fishing. The newlyweds lay flowers at the Eternal Flame. Industrial enterprises of the city. All-Union communist subbotnik in the city. Production processes at industrial enterprises of the city. The Zhiguli passenger train arrives at the platform. Aviation plant. The plane "TU-154" leaves the hangar of the plant. Spring flood. Lenin monument. Laying flowers. Admission to the pioneers.
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, food industry
, aviation industry
, sabbaths
, river transport
, public catering
, museums
, childrens organizations
, theatre
, population
, landscapes
, athletic facilities
, cities
, railway transport
, national sports
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