Winter Spring Forty-Fifth Day 1417 Remains From Film Editing

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Film chronicle. Remains from the editing of the films "Winter, spring of the forty-fifth", "Day 1417". Box 1. Newsreels taken on the eve of and during the Second World War, including from an English documentary: Germans greet Hitler as he drives through the streets of Berlin and Nuremberg (1930s); a concentration camp prisoner with a number on his chest; bombardment of the city at night; W. Churchill walks, balancing on a log; Wehrmacht officers in destroyed Berlin; movement of Soviet tanks; "Katyushas" shoot in a combat position; a column of German prisoners of war on the road; Soviet soldiers distribute food from the field kitchen to the Germans; Hitler and Eva Braun; Eva Braun picks flowers in the meadow; Eva Braun swims under a waterfall; Goebbels and Goering surrounded by crowds of people; crematorium ovens; Wehrmacht soldiers surrender; the hanged B. Mussolini and Clara Petacci in the square; Hitler on a walk with Blondie's dog; battle in Berlin, brother of Goebbels - Joseph Goebbels held captive by the allies; Hitler bypasses the formation of boys - "defenders" of Berlin on his birthday. The final episode of the 1st episode of the film "Winter, Spring of the 1945" is the February offensive of the Soviet army. Box 2. Newsreel footage, including from the English newsreel "WORLD PICTURAL NEWS", reflecting the main events of the separate capitulations of German units to the Anglo-Americans (early May 1945). Field Marshal E. Bush, Chief of Staff of Army Group Center, General von Natzmer to the headquarters of 21 Allied Army Group with a request for surrender of Army Group Vistula. A member of the German military delegation with a white flag in a car drives through the British positions. 2. Arrival of the German delegation headed by the emissary of Dönitz, Admiral Friedeburg, at the headquarters of British Field Marshal Montgomery. 3. British Field Marshal Montgomery meets with Admiral Friedeburg under the British flag. The signing of the surrender in the Montgomery headquarters tent. On behalf of the Germans, the surrender was signed by Friedeburg, Generals Kenzel and Wagner. Montgomery talks about the significance of the signed surrender (synchronously). Military newsreel footage of 1945: the entry of allied forces in Bologna (Italy); camp of German prisoners of war in the Ruhr; view of the destroyed Ruhr (aerial photography); destroyed Berchtesgaden; townspeople on Berchtesgaden Street; a hiding place in the mountains where the allies found Goering's art "collection"; the military carry out paintings, sculptures; residents of a German city walk along the coffins of victims of the Nazi concentration camp, external and internal views of the Reich Chancellery (Hitler's office, his monogram, Hitler's bust, etc.), the destroyed Reichstag, the central part of the city after the fall of Berlin; a fragment of the speech of US Secretary of State Stettinius at the opening of the conference in San Francisco (sync. - about the creation of the UN). Box 3. Newsreel footage: Hitler with generals near the map; the bell is swinging; people on May 8, 1945 in the square in London; Himmler in Berchtesgaden; the allied offensive on the Western Front; parade of Soviet and Polish troops in liberated Warsaw (January 1945); cavalry is advancing; a huge column of German prisoners in the city of Schneidemühl taken by the Soviet army; W. Churchill, F. Roosevelt and I. Stalin at the Yalta conference in the courtyard in front of film and photo correspondents; Soviet pilot before departure; the boys-Hitler Youth in helmets - the bewildered "defenders" of Berlin; Hitler bypasses the formation of Hitler Youth boys on his birthday; Himmler bypasses the formation. Plots from a foreign chronicle: the signing of a separate surrender of the Germans to the allies in the headquarters tent of Montgomery; the signing of the surrender in Reims, where Eisenhower delivers a speech (sinhr.); allied forces enter Italy; the signing of Italy's surrender in Caserta. Box No. 4. Newsreel footage: the Nuremberg trials; the accused answer questions; Nazi concentration camp prisoners behind barbed wire; German bombers in the sky; parachutists in the sky; German military cemeteries at the sites of hostilities; captured Germans in Stalingrad; Goering, accompanied by officers, bypasses the formation; Mussolini, in a coat with a raised collar, sits on the plane; Hitler meets Mussolini at the airport; Hitler takes parades, speaks (sinhr.); Soviet soldiers are fighting on the streets of the destroyed city; residents of Yugoslavia, Austria welcomed Soviet soldiers; dance group in folk costumes performing in the city square. Box 5. Newsreel footage, including from the English and American newsreels "UNITED NEWS" and "WORLD PICTURAL NEWS": soldiers and submariners of the Wehrmacht surrender to the Allies; registration of the German population in the cities and towns of Germany occupied by the Allies; in the squares of German cities, the population surrenders weapons and ammunition; the Allied offensive on the Western Front; allies are melted through the river. Rhine; W. Churchill, Montgomery and Paton are melted across the Rhine; W. Churchill near the bridge; soldiers are photographed with W. Churchill; W. Churchill, Montgomery, D. Eisenhower at the observation post; the funeral of the English statesman Lloyd George; battles in Frankfurt-on-Main, a camp of German prisoners of war trapped in the Ruhr "cauldron". Newsreels of the war in the Pacific: Japanese kamikaze attack on the American fleet; fights with kamikaze; death of ships and kamikaze. Box 6. Newsreels, including footage from the English and American magazines "UNITED NEWS" and "WORLD PICTURAL NEWS", filmed during the surrender to the Allies of the command of the Wehrmacht. In the material: Hitler's successor, Supreme Commander K. Dönitz surrenders in Flensburg. Next to Dönitz, in an army overcoat, stands General Alfred Podl, chief of the general staff of the "imperial government". Alfred Podl, accompanied by allied officers and soldiers, leaves the building of the former residence of the "imperial government". The adjutant Field Marshal von Rundstedt, the commander-in-chief of the German military forces on the Western Front, gets out of the car. Near the building are the German General Hermann Frank - the governor of the Reich in Poland, Admiral Horthy - the fascist head of Hungary. Field Marshal von Kleist gets into an army gaz and drives off. The Viceroy of Austria Zeiss-Inquart, Gauleiter of Holland in a group of officers. Marshal Graziani, the former commander of the armed forces of fascist Italy, is walking in the courtyard. Newsreel footage from the American film magazine "WORLD PICTURAL NEWS", filmed during the days of the Potsdam conference: the arrival of G. Truman in destroyed Berlin ; driving past the tribune with portraits of G. Truman, I. Stalin, W. Churchill; W. Churchill leaves the building, greets G. Truman; conference participants at the round table; among the conference participants M. Molotov, A. Eden and others; I. Stalin, G. Truman, W. Churchill are together in the conference hall. Newsreels: G. Truman in an open car goes round the US army divisions stationed near Berlin. Raising the American flag to the sound of the US anthem. Newsreels from the plot of the foreign newsreel "The Last Ceremony Before Death": the ceremony of preparing the kamikaze for the last flight; kamikaze are given cups of sake; seeing off kamikaze (just boys) at the base; kamikaze planes take off into the sky. Newsreel footage of "Aircraft Carrier Franklin Survives After Japanese Attacks" from the American magazine WORLD PICTURAL NEWS: Japanese kamikaze raid on the aircraft carrier "Franklin", planes crash into the ship, the ship is on fire; rescue of sailors from a sinking ship (another); the funeral of sailors killed on the aircraft carrier; presentation of awards to the heroes of the rescue of the aircraft carrier.
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