With or without a King

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A film about entrepreneurs in the Kostroma and Vladimir regions. Streets of Kostroma. Ipatiev Monastery, a monument to V. I. Lenin, shopping arcade in the city of Kostroma. The head of the guild of the heirs of a merchant family in the city of Kostroma, the owner of two grocery stores and a shop for the production of knitwear V. F. Chernov with his wife in his shop. The owner of a brewery in Kostroma LB Khlopkova in her office talks about her struggle against the construction of a nuclear power plant (synchronously). A group of entrepreneurs discusses the topic: "What is better for Russia - with or without a tsar" during a meeting on the banks of the Volga. Mayor of Vladimir Y. Vlasov, one of the youngest mayors in Russia, speaks at the opening of an exhibition of consumer goods manufactured in the Vladimir region (synchronously). Yuri Vlasov meets with deputies, goes in for sports on the football field, works at his summer cottage. Interview with Y. Vlasov about the meaning of the monarchy (synchronously). Opening of the international exhibition of small arms in Vladimir. Director of the Magistral association Yuri Maksyukov talks about the new development of his team - bulletproof car glass (synchronously). Manufacturing processes for the manufacture of bulletproof glass in the shop of the glass factory in Gus-Khrustalny. The head of the Mezhevsky district of the Kostroma region A. Dzabaev on the problems of agriculture in the transition to a market economy (synchronously). A. Dzabaev visits the timber industry. The villagers talk about their labor community that emerged after the liquidation of the Krasny Oktyabr collective farm. The family farm of the former chairman of the collective farm Yu. P. Garin. Yu. P. Garin and his son lay out the feed for the calves. The priest visits the inmates of the Vladimir prison. Priest Father Eugene talks about the importance of the monarchy (synchronously). Memorial stone with the inscription "Ivan Susanin 1613" near a forest swamp. The film includes fragments of pre-revolutionary newsreels dedicated to the celebrations in the city of Kostroma during the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the House of Romanov (1913); among those present - Emperor Nicholas II, members of his family and accompanying persons, the holiday of Dr. Haas in Moscow (1911), the stay of Emperor Nicholas II in Revel (1916), as well as fragments from the feature film "The Oath".
I. Grigoriev
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places of detention
, cinematography
, private trade
, exhibitions
, livestock
, christianity
, cultural cooperation
, forestry
, glass industry
, cities
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O. Voinov
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