Womens Word About Peace

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Czechoslovakia. City of Prague. Streets and squares. Meeting of the World Congress of Women, held at the Prague Palace of Culture. View of the presidium and hall during a meeting of the congress, commissions "Women for National Independence", "For Peace and Disarmament", etc. Speakers: President of the International Democratic Federation of Women F. Brown, Chairman of the Committee of Soviet Women, pilot-cosmonaut V. V. Tereshkova, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia G. Husak and others. Children of the Forum participants, who arrived in Prague with their mothers, while playing in the children's room equipped for them. VV Tereshkova during a meeting with activists of the women's movement in Czechoslovakia. Congress delegates at a rally at the monument in the Czech village of Lidice, destroyed by the Nazis along with residents. F. Brown with the participants of the Peace March-81. Vietnam. View of the Vietnamese village, city streets. Worker at the machine. Demonstration of protest against the neutron bomb in Germany. Chronicle: the queue at the labor exchange. Demonstration of protest against the ban on the profession in Germany. Kampuchea. Children in the classroom at their desks, in the dining room. Northern Ireland. Funeral of prisoners of Long Kosh prison. British troops on the streets of the city of Northern Ireland. British Prime Minister M. Thatcher is pelted with rotten eggs on her arrival in Northern Ireland. Palestine. View of destroyed houses as a result of Israeli bombing. View of a destroyed school. A child injured in the bombing in the hospital. Salvador. Kind of killed men, a child. Women are crying. A group of fighters fighting for the independence of El Salvador. Japan. Residents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the service. View of the eternal flame in memory of the victims of the atomic bombing. Laying wreaths at the monument in Hiroshima. Photo-women from El Salvador. Delegates of the World Congress of Women from the USSR during a meeting with delegates of the MPR. View of the monument in the Belarusian village of Khatyn, erected in memory of the perished inhabitants of the village, burned by the Nazis along with the village.
Z. Tuzova
Film ID
social and political movement
, wars and conflicts2nd half20th
, labor
, medical services for the population
, school education
, public catering
, political connections
, international movement of women
, cities
, borbazamir
, buddhism
, 2nd world war
Number of Parts
I. Kuznetsov, I. Filatov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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