Working Moments of Filming We Are the Pontooners

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Box 1.Russia. Director of the Film Studio of the Ministry of Defense S. Kheifets stands near the open hatch in the plane. Soldiers are installing supports for the cable on the snow-covered field, along which the operator's trolley will move. S. Kheifets checks the cradle, standing on the tower of the tower car, bypasses the landfill, oversees the installation of supports. Military vehicles, officers are on the field. S. Kheifets examines the rifle. The officer is driving a bulldozer. S. Kheifets with [daughter] at home; picture of a woman in a frame on the table. S. Kheifets on stage talking with actors in military uniform. S. Kheifets and cameraman [V.Duplich] are standing near the movie camera on the spectator tribune of the stadium. The operator, standing on a moving cart, is filming on the territory of a military unit. Soldiers run across the field, climb the stairs of a burning tower during exercises. S. Kheifets shoots with a movie camera, lying in a camera trolley (cradle). Rocket launchers are on the pontoon bridge. Box 2.Russia. S. Kheifets on the bus. The operator on the bus checks the movie camera. A tower car stands on a snow-covered field. S. Kheifets, the operator is filmed with a movie camera from the cart (cradle), moving along the cable above the landfill. Rocket launchers on the pontoon bridge. The operator's cradle moves over the rocket launchers. A pontoon bridge with rocket launchers moves along the river. S. Kheifets and the operator are removed from the operator's trolley mounted on the arrow of the crane. Launching a link of the pontoon bridge.
S. Heifetz
Film ID
, air transport
, ground troops
, special troops
, bytgorodskogo population
Number of Parts
V. Duplich
Other Creators
There is no data
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No Sound

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