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Working moments of the film crew of the Film Studio of the USSR Ministry of Defense. Russia. A soldier in a life jacket jumps into the water from a pontoon bridge. Director S.A. Kheifets photographs a soldier. S.A. Kheifets, cameraman V.Duplich, sound engineer stand on the bank of the river. A sound engineer with a tape recorder sits on the bridge. A man gives an interview on the river bank. S. Kheifets and the operator are standing near the monument. Fragment of the inscription on the monument: "... for posterity as an example." The photographer is filming from a helicopter. Director S.A. Kheifets, cameraman V.Duplich, sound engineer and other members of the film crew on the deck of the cruiser "Novorossiysk". S. Kheifets shoots with a movie camera. Lifebuoy with the inscription: "Novorossiysk". S.A. Kheifets looks through the window. Sailor on deck. Officers talk on deck. Moscow city. A man opens a box of film. Members of the film crew look at the tape on the sound editing table in the film editing studio. Director S.A. Kheifets works at the sound editing table. The city of Sevastopol. Vice-admiral on the street gives an interview to director S.A. Kheifets; a sound technician with a microphone is standing nearby. S.A. Kheifets shows the vice-admiral working notes on the deck of the ship. Sailors on deck. Vice-Admiral, S.A. Kheifets and a sound engineer are walking along the city street. Ruins of Chersonesos on the outskirts of Sevastopol. Moscow city. A young man in the room switches TV programs, speaks on the phone (shooting with the effect of accelerated motion). Head of the Film Studio of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR S.N. Dunaev accepts a memorable gift in the form of a capsule with a pin from the Colonel-General who visited the film studio. SN Dunaev talks with the Colonel-General, shows him a photo album. Colonel General signs in the book of honored guests.
S. Heifetz
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, navy
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V. Duplich
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There is no data
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No Sound

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