Working Spring

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The second part of the film tells about the development of the social infrastructure of a defense enterprise in the city of Biysk, Altai Territory. The head of the personnel department of the Biysk plant recruits the demobilized Viktor Alexandrovich Baranov. Workshops with working machines. Recreation area with an artificial waterfall. The dining room is decorated with decorative metal panels. At the production meeting [the leader] speaks, he is listened attentively. A new workshop is being built on the factory premises. Stretching with the NDP: "HAPPY NEW HOUSING YOU, DEAR ENGINEERING!". New settlers listen to the speeches of the plant leaders. The builders hand over the symbolic key to the house, a brass band is playing in the background. The [head] of the plant cuts the red ribbon. New settlers go to their entrances. At the construction site of the children's center, workers are scraping paint off the glass, rubbing the parquet floor. The building of the kindergarten-nursery "Cheburashka". Children play with the teacher on the street, swing on a swing. Construction of a residential building in the village. Youth: the crane carries the flight of stairs. In the club of young technicians, the boys collect model airplanes and cars. Nikolai Ivanovich Zaitsev, a front-line soldier, worker, teacher, is engaged with them. Children in the pool talking to the coach; others jump from the pedestal into the water, swim with a butterfly. Classes for adult and youth sections in pistol shooting. The volleyball team is playing. The gate of the pioneer camp with the NDP: "ORLENOK". One-story houses with pictures from children's fairy tales with the NDP: "GUESS?" In winter, a team of biathletes from the Rassvet sports society trains in the camp. The factory workers have a rest with their children on weekends: they ride on merry-go-rounds and swings.
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housing construction
, working time and rest time
, workbook management
, water sports
, at home
, accounting staff
, decorative and applied art
, pioneer camps
, industrial engineering
, children and youth sports
, check in
, sports associations
, labor conditions
, shooting
, volleyball
, housewarming
, civil engineering
, public catering
, skiing
, rehabilitation of working conditions
, station of junior technicians
, united childrens institutions
, defense industry
, participation of workers in the management of production and its organization
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